Still Using OUR Theory

The True Orbit of Planets in the Solar System

March 9, 2017

The true orbit of planets has been calculated for the first time directly from the ECE2 relativistic lagrangian in notes for UFT372 (in prep). The first results were posted yesterday on this blog. The description of the true precessing orbit was first attempted in UFT328 by using a scatter plot to solve the lagrangian and hamiltonian of ECE2 relativity simultaneously. The new method in UFT372 is simpler, uses only the lagrangian, and produces results that can be compared with astronomical data in a simple way. The new method relies on simultaneous numerical solution of the relevant Euler Lagrange equations. It has been shown in many UFT papers that the orbit produced by Einsteinian general relativity becomes wildly unstable if tested with sufficient rigour using precession angles of greater than the very tiny microradians of the solar system. Many if not all of Einstein’s approximations have been refuted (e.g. UFT150 and UFT155 and so on). There are some alarming errors and obscurities in Einstein’s work. The Einstein theory fails qualitatively (i.e. completely) when tested against the velocity curve of a spiral galaxy, whereas ECE2 succeeds in giving the major features. The obsolete physics covers up the failure of the Einstein theory by use of dark matter, which is merely empiricism. The very fact that dark matter is used means that the Einstein theory has failed. The x theory of ECE produces precessing orbits, but for large angles it develops in to the fractal conic sections. These are mathematically important, but do not appear to be physical. So the new relativistic lagrangian theory becomes the preferred theory. It gives the true precessing orbit, and is valid for all angles.”

You seem to have forgotten that ‘x theory’ is not yours, it is ours! Years ago, one of us sent you a letter, purportedly from a Cardiff schoolboy, which asked why his computer-model of an orbit gave ridiculous results. It was supposed to be a hoax, to be revealed soon afterwards by referring to details of the letter which nobody but you could know. Unfortunately not realizing how desperate you are for human contact and how short of feedback you are we did not, for instance, mark the reverse side of the page. So we were completely wrong-footed when you posted a photograph of the letter in question. The only remaining proof of the hoax is the fact that it would be impossible to find that pupil. So, in future, please refer to it as the Herbert (a mild UK euphemism which equates to ‘klutz’) theory or the CPW (crackpotwatch) theory. Nevertheless, it is astonishing that SS – with his ‘superior’ computing skills and his (now conveniently free-to-download) Maxima program – is willing to continue to make the same mistake as a fictitious schoolboy, just to suit your needs.


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