Two High Sheriffs of Brecon of the Morgan Family

March 12, 2017

Many thanks to my cousin Stuart Davies, who is a direct descendent of Morgan Morgan Castell Craig y Nos. I hereby add them to my list of High Sheriffs of the Morgan Aubrey Family and archive them via this blog. We have established definitively that Elizabeth Portrey indeed lived at Ynys Cedwyn House.”

Isn’t all of this genealogy pure torture to you? All of those illustrious ancestors, leading down to …  you: someone who demeans the honours which he does possess, and dreams pathetically and incessantly of honours that he will never receive …  because science abhors a pseudoscientist. Nature abhors a vacuous, so to speak. At least you have had the foresight not to continue your line.


One Response to “Masochism”

  1. Harry Hab Says:

    Evans just left a post which reads like a veiled response to your taunt. Rest assured: his interest in family trees is purely scientific. Of course. He also seems to admit that “Evans” is as common as muck: “Evans is a name derived from the Biblical John so many unrelated people are called Evans. It is like Johann on the continent: Johann Sebastian Bach, Johann Christian Bach and so on”. Bad example, Ron, the last two guys were definitely related!

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