Meanwhile, Back in the Real World

Wind 5.77%, 2 – 23 mph, 4 – 8 mph, 0736 local time

March 15, 2017

The average wind speed in the Betws area is now 4 mph, so the turbines are producing nothing as usual, there was dense, cold fog all night, so the solar panels are producing nothing as usual. Over all Britain, solar is 0.40% so there must be sunshine somewhere. Maybe someone is pointing a torch at a solar panel in a northern Shetland island pig sty. This energy policy is a joke so one may as well laugh. Mynydd y Gwair will soon be obliterated by more useless turbines. A revolutionary new energy policy is needed, and those responsible for this corruption imprisoned. Swansea Councillors can move across the road and take up residence at Her Majesty’s bed and breakfast in Swansea Prison, a dreary building that has not changed in a hundred and fifty years. The County and City Hall must be lit by candles, and looks like an old concrete dust bin.



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