Nightmare Neighbour

Formal Complaint to the Local Authority Ombudsman

March 16, 2017

I have submitted a strong formal protest and complaint to the Local Authority Ombudsman concerning irregularities in planning permission on Mountain Road, and will write to the Council for a reconsideration of the planning permission. I have been informed as Armiger that the developer was told over the the telephone that permission would be given before the Committee actually considered the proposal. ”

Nobody approaches you ‘as Armiger’, as that title is not associated with any sort of civil power, social position or political status. If any other social-climber in the area chose to pay thousands of pounds to the College of Arms, there would then be 2 armigers. Big deal!

“The developer was told not to take any notice of objections. My strong objection, published in the “South Wales Evening Post” was summarily overruled and in effect not even considered, even though I am an adversely affected neighbour and the only Armiger in Mawr and surrounding areas. ”

The newspaper report quite rightly portrayed you as being a clownish and possibly racist ‘nimby’, and all of the readers’ comments were negative towards you. You are not ‘adversely affected’; at least not by any stretch of the rational imagination. And again, nobody cares about your imagined importance as someone who chooses to put archaic symbols on his website and house.

“This is an example of what I call “forced development”. It ultimately forces young people to emigrate out of Mawr, to be replaced by elderly monoglot incomers. Land and house prices are wildly inflated, a bubble economy. ”

The house-buying problems of young people are universal, and not just a local difficulty. Most of the UK would consider the Mawr housing market to be depressed. If old people flock there, it is more likely to be because they are poor rather than rich; their pensions removing the young person’s quandary of a shortage of local jobs. Young people nowadays have to wait for their parents to die, or re-mortgage their house, so as to get onto the housing-ladder. Hmm, what have you contributed in that respect? Let’s see: you have put your house into trust so that neither your wife nor step-daughter(s?) can inherit. Nice. They should move away … oops.

“I suggest a strike of frontigers along Mountain Road, indefinite refusal to maintain the road. ”

That road is maintained?!

“Forced development is vehemently opposed by the great majority in Mawr. ”

Did you know that there is a village Facebook page? You should join and find out what the ‘great majority’ really think of their ‘armiger’.

“It has completely ruined the language and culture and has reduced the quality of life by catalyzing major traffic problems. A complaint has been made to me as Armiger that the development on Mountain Road is taking place on land that was sold twice over, it had already been paid for. I demand a Parliamentary Enquiry into this. The County Councillor for Mawr has subsequently resigned from the Planning Committee, and I am reliably informed that he will either resign as County Councillor or not stand for re election. After he is gone it may at last be possible to put down double yellow lines for example, and impose control over planning permission , to re establish government in Mawr after years of paralysis.”

We wonder what the general opinion is, concerning the identity of the person who really spoils the quality of village life. Are they still making the ‘Neighbours from Hell’ series? Perhaps you will yet find fame.


One Response to “Nightmare Neighbour”

  1. Harry Hab Says:

    Thus spoke the Armiger of Mawr, Felindre, Craigcefnparc, and Garnswllt. I feel like I am in a Jack Vance novel!

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