Book “principles of ECE theory II”, Chapter by Stephen Corthers

March 17, 2017

I invited him some months ago, and he is welcome to contribute of course. I will be very glad to contribute to costs. Volume One is a great success, being read about five thousand times a year off combined sites. The publication in Berlin by EPubli is of high quality, good paper quality and binding, and good colour illustrations. The preprint of volume two has been read several thousand times.”

So far, Trump has not yet appointed a Chief Scientific Adviser, although he has his eye on a climate-change denier (Current joke: “why are governments like nylon stockings?” “Because they are both measured by their deniers”). As an American, you could apply for the job; you would be sure to get enthusiastic backing, and a farewell dinner,  from Mawr and you could use Crothers, the Public Dick, as a reference. After all, he has a much higher profile than do you: he actually attends conferences in order to be jeered at. But just imagine: as Chief Scientific Adviser to Trump you could give influential jobs to all of your  (American) crackpot friends.  Valone should certainly be made head of the USPO. Bearden could be put in charge of DARPA. There are crackpots (Gamble, Bailey) already working for Boeing and Lockheed, and some of that increased military spending will definitely benefit them.  


2 Responses to “Candidature”

  1. Harry Hab Says:

    It appears that Corthers, or Crothers, as the rest of the world calls him, has just had a paper published: IEEE Antennas Propag. Mag., 1 February 2017, p.128, Historical Corner. I foresee that inflamed by this success he will flood the world with more of this guff.

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      That is no surprise to us. We have mentioned very often that electrical engineers (Laithwaite, Aspden, Valone, etc.) are flaky and generate a lot of pseudoscience. Aspden once received a UK government grant of £75000 to ‘develop’ a perpetual motion (‘over-unity’) machine which was the diseased brainchild of a Dr Adams. The latter was the former head of the New Zealand chapter of IEEE ! Our author-friend can now add the new paper to his file on loony papers in the electrical engineering literature: it will thicken it (in every sense) to the extent of 0.5%

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