For the General Readership

“Complete Daily Scientometrics Now Available to the General Readership

This file gives the interest every day in all the items on adn is one of the feedback files I use to construct the by now famous filtered scientometrics. It shows daily interest in every UFT paper and indeed every item on This means that ECE is the new physics, essentially, and our distance research publication and teaching in the world’s best universities is the new method of bringing avant garde research results to the best minds. This is called “open source” research and teaching. It makes a pig’s breakfast out of any attempted censorship of ideas by a tiny minority of bigots.”

We presume that ‘general readership’ means us, and the rest of the rational world. Unfortunately, Ron omitted to supply us all with the password. Never mind, thanks to our mole in the AIAS organisation, here are the data (even if they are meaningless):

Usage Statistics for AIAS




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