Philip Pirrip II

The Law Dictionary Definition of Armiger

March 22, 2017

This on . An Armiger is an armour-bearer, an esquire. A title of dignity belonging to a gentleman authorized to bear arms (Cowell). Esquire or Squire ranks above Gentleman and below Knight. The contemporary Armiger is an eminent person who has been granted letters patent and a coat of arms after a petition has been submitted. It is a mark of merit. The Armiger becomes an Esquire in law of arms. I think that it is important that merit be recognized. This is exactly what did NOT happen in my early career, when the corruption of the academic system prevented merit from being recognized.”

You are just like a character out of a book by Dickens or Lawrence … or Llewellyn: the poor boy made good who goes off to London and becomes … repulsively big-headed.  Worse, you did not like the transition from being a ‘big fish in a small pool’ to being an average fish in the ocean. So frantically trying to re-establish your imagined superiority, you invent overwhelming academic success and Nobel  prize nominations as well as trying to bask in the afterglow of illustrious ancestors and affect the baubles of a bygone age. Does anybody but the AIAS gang question our analysis? Just read Ron’s autobiography! 


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