Eppur Si Muove

Wind 9.97%, 4 – 16 mph, Wales 9 – 14 mph, 0750 local time

March 23, 2017

The effective wind speed in the Betws area now is 5 mph, an average of 14 mph minus 9 mph needed to start the turbines. So they are producing a tiny amount of power, far below their optimal range of about 20 – 40 mph of steady wind.”

Still persisting with that deceptive and loony fiddling of the figures? So, if the turbine should continue to run at the cut-in speed, it will be producing no power at all? In that case, perhaps you could then venture out and easily stop the blades with your own fair hands. If the wind-speed should drop below the cut-in speed, will the turbine stop dead or will it suck energy from the grid? Do you ever read what you are writing? You have the physics intuition of a patch of lichen! But that was always clear from your other hilarious pronouncements: hydroelectric schemes for Welsh rivers? Tidal lagoons the same thing as tidal barrages? Put turbines in dykes and flood the Netherlands? You are a fine foil for Hill-of-beans … who thinks that hydroelectric schemes extract energy from gravity LOFAO!



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