Desperation Reigns Chez Ron

Top Colleges in Wales

March 24, 2017

There have been regular consultations of ECE theory from the top Colleges in Wales ever since inception in 2003. We are not allowed to be a separate country in Webometrics, but the top ten at present are: Cardiff, Aberystwyth, Swansea, Bangor, South Wales, Cardiff Met., Glyndw^r, Swansea Met., Coleg Sir Ga^r, Grw^p Llandrillo Menai. There is also Ystrad Mynach College. I wonder how Cardiff ever got ahead of Aberystwyth. In any case there have been many consultations of ECE from all of these with the possible exception of Swansea Met and Grw^p Llandrillo Menai. In addition, the National Library of Wales holds all my books and is archiving and”

What are all of these lists supposed to prove? Just find an individual from a few of them who will say that he values your work. Oh, they are all too scared to do so? How can that be, when you simultaneously declare that everyone is on your side? Please cease this embarrassing charade.


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