Don’t Be So Coy

Jean Paul II

March 26, 2017

The Pope was Jean-Paul 2nd, not John 23rd. I have corrected it on the blog. It was an invitation of the early eighties from colleagues of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. One of them was a God-daughter of the Pope, or Bishop of Rome. Jean-Paul 2nd was also a poet and was ordained Priest in Krakow. He became St John-Paul the Great to the Catholics, and Protestants and agnostic like myself recognized that he was of exceptional ability. I got along with the Irish Catholics in Dublin very well, and also get along with the Ulster Protestants very well. I remember that Jean-Paul 2nd was a very human being. On one occasion he started talking about a young friend of his in Krakow who had died, a young lady he had known apparently before he was ordained. He suddenly stopped, and covered his eyes with his hand for a very long time before he could continue.”

Well, we devoutly hope that Jean Paul II (whoever he was) was saintly … because John Paul II certainly wasn’t. How many young lives did he ruin by not acting quickly to curb the pedophile priests. How many people did he kill by forbidding the use of condoms in AIDS-riddled countries? But at least he had an affair with that (married) woman, so he presumably wasn’t a kiddie-fiddler himself. By the way, why (until 2013) was 12 the age-of-consent for homosexual sex in the Vatican City; the lowest in Europe at that time*. Jeez Ron, can you not find some better heroes to emote over?

* A cynic suggests: “why go to Canada for beefburger, when you can have steak at home”.



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