Update Required

Latest Direct Line

March 28, 2017

This is the latest direct line. Many thanks to Stuart Davies and Arthur Turner-Thomas. If possible I would like to push this back further. Can Stuart Davies and Arthur Turner-Thomas help in this project? Both Edward Evans and Elizabeth Gunter probably originated near Cusop, because three generations all called Edward Evans were associated with St. Mary’s Cusop, also known to be associated with the Gunter Family.”

Don’t forget, Ron, that Arthur Turner-Thomas is now calling himself Arthur Edwyn Turner. Oh, he has another new company, Richard Thomas and Co. (Hydro) Ltd. Hydro eh? Perhaps he is going to build those hydroelectric schemes that you recommend for Wales. Why are you not according him his proper title (Sir) and military honour (VC)? We can recall the time when you were insisting that those who questioned his titles should be ‘checked up on’.


What will you do if he starts to call himself ‘Dr’ or ‘Professor’. Perhaps nothing. After all, you did not protest when that former telephone linesman (not ‘engineer’) and execrable crackpot, Vivian (gravity does not exist) Pope, gave himself those titles. Why, by the way, do all of those other names turn up in your genealogy? There should be only Evans. Some people consider it to be the height of intellectual dishonesty to switch at will between the spear and distaff lines. After all, that sort of cheating allows one to link oneself to just about anybody.


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