My Civil List Predecessor Rowan Hamilton

March 31, 2017

Sir William Rowan Hamilton is known as Rowan Hamilton in Trinity College Dublin, of which I am sometime Visiting Academic. He was appointed to the Civil List on April 27th 1844 with a pension of £200 a year (about £22,319 a year today). My Civil List Pension is £2,400 a year, so it has been eroded a lot in value since 1844. It is now an honorarium rather than a salary to live on. The Civil List Pension is akin to Order of Merit.”

The monetary value of the Civil List Pension has been eroded by inflation. Respect for the Civil List Pension, which is certainly not ‘akin’ to the OM, has been eroded by the fact that you receive one. It would be an insult to the memory of Hamilton, and of other great British scientists, if you are allowed to remain on the list of recipients.  


4 Responses to “Erosion”

  1. Harry Hab Says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever met an academic (outside of Ron and his circles of friends and detractors) who even know what a CLP is, let alone regard it as a scientific honour. I would like to think that this is one of the reasons it slipped past proper scrutiny. One of the reasons – if the system were otherwise in order, there wouldn’t be all those Susan Greenfields in prominent positions.

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      Giving one to him (and giving a Hauksbee to Pendergast) is nevertheless a symbol of the ongoing dumbing-down of academia in the UK, not to mention the contempt which the ‘powers that be’ have for science. And don’t get us started on Greenfield, who used to embarrass the RI by dressing like a tart. She is of course the ex-wife of Ron’s arch-enemy, Atkins.

      • Harry Hab Says:

        Ah yes, I never knew but did suspect there was an inside connection, way back in the 90s when she did the RI Xmas lectures and I had never seen them done by such a staggeringly ignorant twit. (Didn’t the BBC stop broadcasting the RI-Xmas lectures shortly after that debacle?) If memory serves, she used to dress more conservatively back then.

        • crackpotwatch Says:

          Just goes to show that everybody believes a compendium of information (encyclopedia, newspaper, lecture series, etc.) until it covers a subject that one knows well … and then one starts to doubt the whole thing. None of us knew the topic of her lectures very well, so …

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