Wrong Yet Again

Precession from a direct approach to mass point dynamics in a fluid

April 6, 2017

These results are again full of interest and can be written up in Section 3 of UFT374. This Cartesian approach is the one with which most people are familiar. A lot of people get confused with the use of a coordinate system in which the frame itself is moving, for example the plane polar and spherical polar systems.”

You are the one who is confused: the polar and spherical coordinate systems are not inherently time-dependent. Such a feature still has to be added, and the relevant differential equations modified accordingly. In the case of the Lagrange top, two orthogonal (Cartesian) coordinate systems are used:  one fixed in the laboratory frame, and one which is fixed to, and moves with, the top. The transformations between these two systems are exceedingly tedious, complicated and subtle.  We doubt that you could manage them.  Your intellectual equal, ‘Professor’ Viv Pope, the telephone repair-man, also had difficulties in understanding coordinate systems. So did Laithwaite. Neither of them could comprehend that an object moving at a steady rate in a straight line can have an associated angular momentum.  Laithwaite even wrote an entire article which showcased his ignorance. To be fair, most school-teachers don’t ‘get it’ either and even Newton had trouble with such subtleties.


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