A Laugh a Minute!

Two Schools of Thought in Physics

April 7, 2017

The two biggest schools of thought in physics at present are:

1) ECE (probably in the majority);
2) Standard Model

The former uses a system of physics based on open access publication on websites which are archived for conservation. The material is made directly accessible to the readership. It has a huge worldwide readership as is well known, and has refuted many aspects of the standard model. The latter is based on dogma to a large degree and uses journals which are restricted only to its own ideas. So it has gradually become obsolete. Both schools are well represented in Google Scholar.”

No, there is only real physics … plus the lunatic fringe. You are not big, even in that fringe, because you no longer publish in the crackpot ‘journals’, which now number in the hundreds. You cannot prove if or why anyone reads your tripe, and nobody but you and your gang ever refer to it. We pity the unfortunate schoolboy who comes upon your nonsense by accident and is disastrously misled by the deceptively academic facade of your fake ‘institute’.  At least it is all archived, otherwise future readers of humorous books about pseudoscience will never believe that such a clown as you could ever have really existed.  



2 Responses to “A Laugh a Minute!”

  1. Interested Observer Says:

    Whatever has happened to Ron’s former publisher, Cambridge International Science Publishing? Their (or rather his, since it was clearly a one-man operation) website is moribund, with no forthcoming titles listed and nothing apparently published since early 2016. According to Companies House, CISP was threatened with having its assets seized after failing to file any accounts last year. Mind you, it’s not clear why anybody would want to buy their wares: its authors were a strange mixture of deluded East European scientists and utter loonies – such as Peter Baofu, a weirdo who has published over 100 books outlining the same content-free ‘theory’, allegedly applicable to every field of human endeavour from acoustics to chess. ‘Writing’ these works seems to consist of nothing more than cutting-and-pasting the same (utterly specious) text and then inserting a few words relevant to the subject at hand. It’s not difficult to see that publishing such tripe might not pay the bills.

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      The company always seemed to be doing quite well for a mom&pop enterprise, with some tens of thousands ‘cash at bank’ but it was routinely threatened with striking-off almost every year. It seems that Riecansky is currently disputing some detail of company law. Our information is that he was formerly stateless, but was naturalized British in the 70’s, is an ufologist and ping-pong enthusiast. He seems to have suddenly fallen out with Ron for some reason; perhaps he wanted payment for that awful journal, which was obviously not going to sell. The Baofu method is popular in the numerous new pseudoscientific ‘journals’: in particular, there is an Indian team which applies exactly the same theory (and diagrams) to just about anything.

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