That Same Old Moronic Drone

UFT88 Read at CERN

April 11, 2017

UFT88 has been read at CERN, and signals the complete acceptance of ECE and ECE2 theory. ”

On average, and by your own admission, every ‘academic’ visit is out-numbered 49:1 by in-links from porn-sites, etc. By what peculiar logic do you deduce that anybody at all is ‘accepting’, or doing anything else with, your nonsense papers? 

“During the course of development of ECE theory several papers deal with particle physics, and have all become classics due to the vast worldwide readership of ECE. ”

What ‘vast worldwide’ readership? Nobody mentions your crackpot theories, not even in the teeming idiot-swamp that is the lunatic fringe. 

“UFT88 is a famous paper in the world of avant garde physics, it was the first paper to consider the effect of torsion on the geometrical basis of Einsteinian general relativity, the 1902 second Bianchi identity. It was shown in UFT88, UFT99, UFT109, UFT255, UFT313 and UFT354 that the entire structure of Einsteinian general relativity collapses when its geometry is corrected. ”

Even your ‘opera omnia’, which supposedly earned you a civil-list pension, is not much cited (after eliminating self-citations and citations by parties with a vested interest), and the post-breakdown drivel is not cited at all by normal people. Nobody, not even those real physicists who take an interest in torsion, cite your ‘avant garde work’.

“The vast and permanent readership of ECE theory means that the Einstein theory is obsolete. The conventional physics system is also obsolete. ”

Again, there is no ‘vast’ nor ‘permanent’ readership … except in your own dishonest/deluded mind.

“For example half of the papers published in its obsolete and dogmatic journals are not read by anyone, including the editors. ”

How many times are you going to repeat that lie? If ever there was an ‘exploded hypothesis’, that is it! 

“UFT99 has been broken out into a series of definitive proofs. It shows that if torsion is neglected by forcing it to vanish, curvature also vanishes. The Einstein theory is based on curvature so is completely refuted by UFT99. UFT88 has been read an order of ten thousand times at least in about five hundred leading universities. I am able to recognize only institutional URL’s so the actual readership is much higher. ”

As before: you have no proof that the visits are either real, or approving. Therefore every other conclusion drawn from them is ‘fruit of the poisonous tree’. 

“It takes place in all the best universities in the world. CERN has also been notified of UFT225, which completely refutes electroweak theory, and it is aware of all the UFT papers. These refute Higgs boson theory in many ways, notably the use of photon mass predicted in many ways by the UFT papers, notably the B(3) field. ”

Have you ever checked the CERN library? It collects all sorts of nonsense-books, including, for example, those by Harold Aspden. Do you really think that they are ever actually read (with a straight face)?

“I am told that this has been nominated several times for a Nobel Prize.”

But you mix only with loonies and liars, so what are the odds of that being true? Being generous of spirit, we attribute your constant lying about this and other matters (the myth of unread mainstream papers, the true content of Bannister’s thesis, etc., etc.) makes us fear that you are suffering from the onset of dementia. Perhaps you could get a doctor’s letter … 


6 Responses to “That Same Old Moronic Drone”

  1. Harry Hab Says:

    Enlighten me, oh, Ronnologists of CP-watch. I know Ron had a spot of bother in what we may term BO-gate. After some peregrinations he ended up in a catatonic state in a comfortable cottage in upstate New York. (He always manages to do his crazies in comfy locations, which is my main reason for suspecting he is but mad north-north-west.) Then vdM (does he have a nickname? Professor Fringe?) finds him and takes him under his wing… Is that what happened? It seems clear that vdM got tenure and promotion as part of his uni taking some stupid punt on a “philosophical type”, but even so, WTF vdM!? I feel I am missing some crucial link in the story here.

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      We shall have to read the biographies more carefully, to see if there is a clue.

      • Harry Hab Says:

        We are still awaiting the installment of Ron’s autobiography that deals with his misadventures in the USA. What we know about BO-gate can be gleaned from the extensive intra-departmental correspondence he has posted. In a striking parallel with Public Dick, he airs all this dirty laundry in the bizarre conviction that an impartial reader will find that it vindicates him. I am curious about vdM’s role as an enabler in the post-breakdown rise of ECE theory.

  2. Interested Observer Says:

    “UFT88 has been read at CERN, and signals the complete acceptance of ECE and ECE2 theory.”

    How can he write a sentence like that with a straight face? Does he actually believe it?

    It takes little effort to find out what work is actually being done at CERN. Putting aside the Higgs research (apparently confirming the existence of a particle Ron tells us firmly doesn’t exist), the recent output of CERN physicists is a smorgasbord of stuff outlawed by ECE ‘theory’. Dark matter, QED, QCD, photon-photon interactions that would be literally impossible in Ron’s proton-mass scenario. Essentially, a CERN experimentalist who subscribed to ECE theory would be incapable of taking part in any of the LHC experiments, and an ECE theoretician would have nothing to do.

    On a separate note, Ron is fond of quoting Feynman’s ‘hocus pocus’ comment about renormalization. Is he being dishonest or ignorant? Is he unaware of the fact that Feynman who was, yes, hostile to the idea in the 1970s, subsequently accepted it? Or that he subsequently wrote a large number of influential papers about QCD which depend entirely on renormalization being a valid method? But then Feynman had something that Ron lacks (apart from once-in-a-generation talent, of course): the ability to accept when he was wrong, and the subtlety to understand that if a theory made predictions verifiable to dozens of decimal places it probably had some validity, despite the difficulty of proving it was self-consistent mathematically.

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