A Random Walk Through Marquis

Featured in ” Marquis Who’s Who”

April 14, 2017

I will be featured in the world’s leading reference vehicle, “Marquis Who’s Who” with advantages with extended and accurate electronic biography. I am in the top 5% of entries in “Marquis Who’s Who”, founded in Chicago in 1899. Many of the AIAS / UPITEC staff are also in Marquis and by now have a huge following worldwide, being famous scientists in their own right of the avant garde school of thought in natural philosophy, ECE unified field theory. We are like the impressionists or post impressionists, cubists, expressionists and abstract expressionists in art history. They all caused riots in Paris or Pont Aven (Pont Afon) in Brittany, or Arles in Provence. The entries in Marquis are listed in the attached. The EDCL group at Aberystwyth was showered with awards an honours, and will never be remotely rivalled. I am the first Welsh speaker ever to be appointed a Civil List Pensioner. The new Marquis will be electronic, web based and editable. It will rapidly rival Wikipedia and be far more accurate, not subject to distortion or bias. The President, Congress and Supreme Court are in “Marquis’ Who’s Who in America”.”

We of course have complete access to Marquis, which is a constant source of light entertainment given the pathetic posturing of the sad-sacks who want to be in it (some important people are put in there whether or not they want to be). In fact, it reminds us very much of Mensa in that regard. First up there is John Searl (there is a link to him on aias.us). His entry claims  – as we have pointed out many times before – that  he was awarded a BA degree by the Russell Cotes Nautical School in 1946. Small quibbles: the RCNS was just a branch of the Dr Barnardo orphanage (Searl has complained elsewhere of being sexually abused there) and, born in 1932, he must have begun his studies at the age of 11. A genius indeed! He also claims to have graduated from the Open University in 1980, and again in 1987.  Then there is his famous Professorship in ‘Math. Strukturen der Schôpfung und Energie’ (1989). He possesses a supportive document which we have never managed to get a good look at, which seems to pertain to a catering or ski school. It is hard to tell as it appears to be written in Maltese. He also mentions a student stint at Shenley Hospital (Herts.) … where he narrowly escaped prosecution for forging prescriptions. He boasts of military service in the RAF … where he deserted his post. He likes to pose in academic garb, draped over some sort of pilot’s uniform. All-in-all he is just the sort of person with whom Ron should be associated. Next up is the late Harold Aspden, sometime head-of-patenting (Europe) for IBM and later employed by Southampton University (one of the two foci of the cold-fusion fiasco). He liked to tell cranks how to get their perpetual-motion and antigravity machines past Patent-Office staff. Marquis just has to have Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff on its books. They were the ‘physicists’ who ‘proved’ that Uri Geller’s ‘powers’ were genuine, and it is said that this led to the CIA wasting millions on ‘remote-viewing’ and ‘goat-staring’. Ironically, remote-viewing fan Targ is now legally blind and his daughter, who had been in control of the USA’s ‘alternative health’ billion-dollar budget, died of cancer.  Here’s a funny one: Boris Volfson, member of the Telesio-Galilei gang, managed to obtain a granted patent on an antigravity machine. Who would have thought that an ‘executive at a sanitation products company’ had such a profound knowledge of quantum mechanics. Closer to home, we have Penderghastly. There is some inconsistency in his entry: it says that he earned a degree from Staffordshire University in 1977, and did post-graduate work at Aberystwyth University in 1983 … so why does he apparently have only a ‘certificate’ from the RSC to show for it? We could go on, and on, and on; there are so many funny stories in the joke-book known as Marquis Who’s Who. 


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