Signs of Success

Principles of ECE Annual Rate

April 29, 2017

This well known monograph is being consulted at the rate of 3,806 copies a year off and open access in English and Spanish, so for an advanced level monograph it is a great success, having been consulted well over ten thousand times since it was published in preprint format in 2014. It is available in book format from E Publi in Berlin (high quality hardback) and New Generation in London (softback). The ECE2 papers and books are being consulted at a rate of 48,396 times a year off and Note carefully that half of the scientific papers published by the obsolete journal method are never read by anyone! About 1.8 million papers are published every year, so almost a million papers a year are never read. In complete contrast AIAS / UPITEC has recorded about 1.6 million hits for fifteen years, about a thousand times more than any university research group of any size. One cannot stop the march of ideas.”

So where are the signs of success? It is never cited because of course (according to you) everybody is frightened to do so. It seems that they are also too frit to review it favorably either. We would love to hear from any idiots who have actually bought copies of this drivel-fest, as they must be the sort of people who may urgently require psychiatric help, but do not realize it. Stop repeating such blatant lies over and over again; they make you a national disgrace and suggest that you are someone who is unworthy to hold a research degree.  One does not need to resist armies or ideas … if they are already marching away from rationality with such enthusiasm.



2 Responses to “Signs of Success”

  1. Mr strong & stable Says:

    I am certain that Ron’s strong and stable leadership of AIAS is an example anyone can follow. Keeping a select following of a few enthusiasts, or only pressing individuals as required is proving the number 1 popular way to present world-changing ideas.
    I see he has influenced our PM and Donald Trump, they too look to this loony Welsh brainchild to guide their actions.

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