Second Coming?

Remember this affair?

Well, Wicked Wang is rampant again,

but Sir Arthur Edwin Turner VC is obviously not related to Arthur Turner-Thomas … nor to Sir Arthur Edwyn Turner-Thomas GC, VC, etc., etc., Ron’s favorite genealogist; even if they have all lived at the same address. But at least one of them should tread carefully: our information is that there is (surprisingly) nothing actionable concerning giving oneself knighthoods and military honors provided that it is not done in the furtherance of a crime. So plain Arthur of Tenby was safe in that regard at least.



2 Responses to “Second Coming?”

  1. Harry Hab Says:

    Are you now checking several times a day to see if they have a hit counter yet, thereby inadvertently adding to and perhaps even making up the entire sum total of his non-porny visitors? For heaven’s sake, publish that book and unleash Ron’s final destruction, lest this co-dependent death spiral become your undoing!

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