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Yet More Pants on Fire

May 31, 2017

It is well known that Don and Ron lie about facts and data with equal alacrity. The critical difference is that Ron is supposed to be a scientist, to whom such things are sacred, and Don is just a glorified estate agent (realtor); a breed which is traditionally only slightly less despised than used-car salesmen. Anyway, as one of our correspondents pointed out, Ron deliberately chooses his moment to sample energy data at Gridwatch so as to put wind and solar in the worst possible light. He does not sample solar at night, so perhaps a little shred of decency still clings to him. Please find below a spreadsheet of wind and solar energy output for this month. Those skilled in the use of spreadsheets would be able to add extra columns which showed wind+solar and (wind+solar)/demand. Unfortunately, spreadsheets are not supported by WordPress and so we have had to upload a pdf instead. This annoyingly obscures the date-stamps, which run from 22.30 on the 1st May 2017 in five-minute intervals. Those who are sufficiently curious will be able to obtain their own spreadsheet from the gridwatch site:

Mentally add the data, and one sees that the total is far from ‘zero to negligible’, as Ron claims. Whichever way you go, the ‘Civil List Scientist’ is yet again revealed to be a despicable liar; nothing more than a spin-doctor. Over to you, York.


May Gridwatch


Two-Faced … SNAFU

May 30, 2017

379(1): Counter Gravitation and the Faraday Cage Gyroscope Experiment

May 30, 2017

This is the first note of the three hundred and seventy ninth paper of ECE and ECE2 theories (Einstein Cartan Evans unified field theory). These papers and books have been prepared since March 2003. This note derives field potential relations (17) and (18) for the electric field strength E and the acceleration due to gravity g. The ECE wave equations for electromagnetism (Eq. (24)) and gravitation (Eq. (41)) are used to define the electromagnetic and gravitational scalar potentials in terms of the scalar curvature R of the ECE wave equations in in Eqs. (34) and (54) respectively. The electromagnetic and gravitational Euler Bernoulli equations are derived from the respective ECE wave equations, and are given by Eqs. (39) and (45) respectively. At the well known Euler Bernoulli resonance the electromagnetic and gravitational scalar potentials can become infinite. This is the key point for counter gravitational apparatus design. Since all forms of energy are interconvertible, an oscillating electromagnetic driving force can be used to produce an infinite gravitational potential.”

Leaving aside the fact that there is absolutely no reputable experimental evidence for ‘counter-gravitation’, and that there is barely a clue (pace the Lense-Thirring effect … which still obeys Newton’s third law) as to how it might be achieved, this is all self-contradictory  … as usual. Who is it who is frequently making statements like this?

  “Bacon’s axiom in a nutshell was that theory must be tested against experimental data that can be agreed upon in different laboratories. So infinities do not reside in the light of natural philosophy. The gymnastics of QED and QCD are devised in the dark recesses of the human psyche to remove inconvenient flaws in theory – these flaws are infinities.”

Oh, that would be Ron – way back in 2010. A logician might well deduce that you, Ron,  are not a ‘Baconian scientist’ nor a ‘natural philosopher’. Gee, who knew? Let us just remind newcomers to our blog that ‘Ron’ is Dr [sic] Myron Evans,  an anti-Einstein crackpot (are not they all) who endorses perpetual-motion and antigravity (and quack cancer-cures) but who is destined to appear for ever on the list of Civil List Scientists … together with such luminaries as Faraday, Herschel, Heaviside … Help us to head off this tragedy by complaining to the relevant UK government departments and royal societies.  There is already an online petition. 



May 28, 2017

“378(2): Field and Force Equations for Any Orbit: Aether Engineering

This note shows that the relevant field equations of ECE2 gravitation, Eqs. (13) and (14), reduce to the simple equation (12), which implies Eqs. (22), (23) and (24). Any Newtonian orbit can be aether engineered using Eqs. (27) and (28), with the kappa vector components as input parameters. Any ECE2 retrograde precession can be aether engineered from Eqs. (29) and (30), and any ECE2 forward precession can be aether engineered using Eqs. (31) and (32).”

This is how to do aether-engineering, Ron, if one is mentally challenged.

Did that moron really win a cash prize for perpetrating such pseudoscientific drivel. Schools and schoolteachers are indeed major sources and causes of pupil ignorance. 

Preaching to the Unconverted

May 28, 2017

UFT88 Read at the University of York and PERN

May 28, 2017

York is ranked 129 in the world by Times, 183 by Webometrics, 300 by Shanghai and 451 – 460 by QS. The first petition for its foundation was submitted in 1617 and it was founded as a plate glass university in 1963 following the Robbins Report.”

You do realise, don’t you Ron, that it is somebody at the University of York who keeps making those pithy skeptical comments on the chat page of the ECE Theory Wiki entry. So of course you are going to get ‘consultations’ from there. Just don’t be too proud about it. That probably applies to all of the other ‘academic’ visits as well!


May 26, 2017

Is Ron secretly working here?

(click on ‘Professors’). Is this a degree-mill? Just look at the university’s tag-line: “Superior State University, a non profit university for a beter [sic] world”; not that superior, eh?  Or is this just an amazing coincidence? That would not necessarily deter Ron from exploiting it.

Some readers may be baffled by the letters after Ron’s name on the above site. They look, at first sight, as though they might be architectural qualifications. They are in fact fake ‘alphabet soups’ which are handed out by the American Biographical Institute and the International Biographical Association (Cambridge). These are low-life vanity-publishing scams which almost make Marquis look reputable. In fact, the list of faculty at SSE shows a great deal of overlap with this list:

Isn’t that strange?

Welsh Wiki

May 26, 2017

Ron loves to relate his battle to have himself removed from Wikipedia … from the English-language Wiki, that is. He is not averse to being listed by the Welsh-language Wiki;

probably because the entry seems to have been composed entirely by himself. Why does he not draw attention to this further ‘accolade’? Is he afraid that trolls will invade the Chat page?

Happy Birthday Ron!

May 26, 2017

Another year closer to the grave, as they say.

Loony Levitators

May 24, 2017

Previous AIAS / UPITEC Work on Biefeld Brown and Laithwaite

May 24, 2017

Please see the blog of on the following dates:

1) Friday 29th August 2008: I discussed the Laithwaite experiment and the disgraceful treatment he received from the dogmatists – his contemporaries.”

Laithwaite was a crackpot who was rightly castigated for misleading laymen and schoolchildren and for bringing the reputation of the Royal Institution into disrepute. Laithwaite co-authored a book, on inventing, in which he recommended buying up lapsed patents and making the once-unworkable ideas profitable by exploiting new materials. He put this into practice himself and regularly stole the ideas (notably magnetic levitation and linear induction) of others. It is not usually called stealing, and is usually termed ‘development’. It was stealing in his case because he was careful to conceal his sources. He once even took part in a public debate in which he argued that students should be kept ignorant of the history of their field … presumably so that they would not detect his deceptions. Are we hatefully attacking someone who cannot defend himself? Yes and no. One of us argued heatedly with Laithwaite when he was still alive. He had no defence. Laithwaite had many other crank ideas and had several antigravity-crackpot friends. His loony views on spinning-tops pollute the pages of at least one encyclopedia. He claimed that moths communicate by radio; another debunked idea that crept into library books. He backed the idea that all ancient mosaics have a constant (total-size/piece-size) ratio. He even claimed that the 196-palindrome ended quickly (there is still no end in sight). In short, he was the worst pseudoscientist ever to get into a position of academic celebrity.    

“This was a grave miscarriage of justice, later righted to some extent by NASA. ”

Laithwaite was frequently threatened with dismissal for not doing what he was paid to do. So it is doubly odd that he was not dismissed over the Royal Institution fiasco. Perhaps he ‘knew where the bodies were buried’. It was not ‘righted’ by NASA: stop repeating that ridiculous lie. NASA was not interested in his views on spinning-tops. NASA is certainly fond of throwing money at antigravity crackpots (Podkletnov, Fetta); just not at Laithwaite.  

“Our recent UFT papers on the gyroscope (UFT367 to UFT370) go far beyond that discussion using numerical integration by coauthor Horst Eckardt of relevant differential equations, giving the best theoretical insight achieved to date into the Laithwaite effect. ”

There is no ‘Laithwaite effect’. Therefore, by ‘explaining’ it, you prove that your theory is worthless. 

“We achieved this with conservation of energy / momentum, removing a major theoretical obstacle, Laithwaite’s claim of violation of conservation of momentum. ”

You fiddled until you got the result that you wanted … as usual. 

“AIAS Fellow Michael Jackson easily replicated the Laithwaite effect at his home in Texas. There are videos on the blog showing his experiment, and replications.”

No-Bubbles is a clearly deranged person who, among other things, thinks that your crank theory explains the human soul, and who claims that Cartan and Einstein helped the Nazis to build flying saucers (just look at the link which your new loony friends sent to you).  Unless you state clearly that No-Bubbles is ‘on his own’ with regard to that hilarious claim, we shall state at every opportunity that you yourself believe it.

“2) 1st June 2008: I discuss the fact that NASA had claimed to disprove the Biefeld Brown effect by using a high vacuum apparatus to remove ion wind artifact. I also discussed the fact that the Munich group has observed a decrease in weight by rapidly spinning a disk on a weighing machine. Removal of artifact is of course ultra important. This experiment seems to bear a resemblance to the Faraday disk generator (UFT43, a hugely popular paper). A large percentage of the UFT papers are now classics by any standard, some like UFT88 have been read an estimated one hundred thousand times, at the best universities, institutes and similar.”

For the uninitiated: Biefeld was a once-respected astronomer who became senile (we have a contemporaneous newspaper report about his being found wandering and confused in a city not his own). His reputation was exploited by a conman called Brown who claimed that the Faraday-wind effect was antigravity. He was not even original in this: he had stolen the idea from a now-forgotten Irish-Dutch crank (interesting connections: this loony had been educated at the same Bristol school as had ‘death-ray’ Grindell-Matthews, and there is now a professor [sic] at the modern development of that school who believes in the ‘there is no such thing as gravity’ theory of the late ‘Professor’ Viv Pope. That Bristol professor heads a department which is charged with telling the public about science. Hilarious no? No!). 

“We are now in a far better position to understand these effects. I think that the Faraday cage experiment should be carried out in a high vacuum and a thorough literature search carried out initially.”

We have been searching that literature for decades. It is not worthy of the name.


Twitter for the Civil-List Twit?

May 24, 2017

Complete Description of Gravity and Counter Gravity

May 24, 2017

I would say that the complete description of counter gravitation is already available in ECE2 theory. It has already been shown that a complete description of energy from spacetime is already available from ECE and ECE2 (UFT311, UFT321, UFT364). I would also say that ECE2 is now unchallenged as the new physics among leading avant garde intellectuals. This is because it is variations on a theme of well known geometry. ECE2 cannot be refuted without refuting the geometry. Dogmatic opposition is not Baconian science, I agree that it can degenerate into something wholly unscientific, but that is outside the rules of Baconian natural philosophy. In other words there is always opposition to any radical advance in human thought. In the case of ECE and ECE2 this opposition has subsided almost completely. The theory has generated twenty two million hits since 2003 from and from literally all the best universities, institutes and similar in the world, including all the best Swiss universities and CERN. Progress in the manner of Trevithig (steam engine), Faraday, Brunel, and all the great engineers and practical scientists is always the best way to go. Theory must follow experiment in Baconian science. In my opinion we have a theory that is flexible and powerful enough to describe any data. We also reject dark matter, and the latest research on the S2 star does no tuse darl matter, neither does it use Einsteinian general realtivity (EGR) .The ECE2 theory is cpable of describing the S2 star’s orbit. For an introduction to ECE see:”

It occurs to us that telling all of these convoluted lies, day after day, must waste a lot of your invaluable (or do we mean worthless) time. So why don’t you get yourself a Twitter account, like Don’s, and tell the same lies in abbreviated form? You could fit more than usual into each tweet by making your regular readers familiar with shorthand terminology. For instance, instead of ‘avant garde intellectuals‘ just write ‘cranks’. Instead of ‘twenty two million hits since 2003‘ just write ‘random noise’. ‘In my opinion we have a theory that is flexible and powerful enough to describe any data‘ becomes ‘I can fiddle any data’. ‘In other words there is always opposition to any radical advance in human thought‘ becomes ‘Being a crackpot, I take flak’. ‘This opposition has subsided almost completely‘ becomes ‘I am a broken, forgotten, man’. 

For foreign readers: a ‘twit’ is (Urban Dictionary) the kind of person that makes a retarded chimp look smart.

The Don and Ron Show

May 24, 2017

Counter Gravitational Experiments

May 24, 2017

Welcome back to Dr Horst Eckardt. Agreed with these remarks, in general AIAS / UPITEC exercises caution when dealing with experimental data, because we do not want to apply theory to artifact. In Laithwaite’s case his experiment has been replicated two or three times. The work by Horst and myself is probably the most advanced explanation available of Laithwaite’s work, checked with computer algebra at every stage. There is a great deal of international interest in this work. It is essentially already taught at universities using our distance teaching methods at all the best universities around the world. Laithwaite had terrible trouble with the dogmatic establishment of his day, but in the end NASA gave him a contract and his work was replicated. We have proven dogmatists wrong literally hundreds of times. The ECE2 gravitational field equations and electrodynamical field equations have teh same structure, so there is great scope for research on how one type of field affects the other.”

Ron’s ability to lie with breathtaking ease is trumped only by you-know-who. Just look at the expert manner in which Ron confuses the layman by referring to Laithwaite in such a way that it is unclear whether he means Laithwaite’s lies about spinning-tops or Laithwaite’s johnny-come-lately work on linear induction motors (invented by Wheatstone) and magnetic levitation (first adumbrated, and beautifully modelled, by James Clerk Maxwell himself). Note the concealed lie, “in the end NASA gave him a contract and his work was replicated”. This might lead the gullible to think that NASA supplied him with spinning-tops, and he made them levitate. No, the contract was for something completely different: a sort of Maglev railway, set up at a steep angle, which was supposed to launch payloads into space without needing a rocket. Needless to say this was, like all of Laithwaite’s ideas, stolen from somebody else: in this case from the Russian schoolteacher, Tsiolkovski (Arthur C.Clarke also stole ideas from him, when he wasn’t stealing them from Hermann Potocnik, the true inventor of geostationary satellite communication). On the subject of Ron’s new friends, he should be careful what he criticizes now. The Goede company is heavily involved in solar energy, which Ron frequently derides. It is also linked to the sale of commemorative gold medals, and has a nice set of Trump coins on sale right now. However, sectors of the company have been accused of selling overpriced products and of misleading buyers as to their true monetary value. Recall that Ron has been critical of the Telesio-Galilee medals. Still, keep up this loony collaboration, Ron; it all helps to push you beyond scientific redemption.

Oh, that ‘electrical engineer’ [sic] who, say your new friends, will be conducting parallel experiments – would he be, by any chance, local crank Eberhard Zentgraf?

Since When?

May 22, 2017

Available Counter Gravitational Devices ( and

May 22, 2017

Fully agreed, the Osamu Ide circuit is explained precisely in UFT311 on daphne. Counter gravitational ECE2 theory is developed in UFT319 for example. Currently, Horst and I are working on forward and retrograde precessions from ECE2 force and field equations. There are about 377 UFT papers and books available and counter gravitational devices are available on and, Alex Hill’s group in Mexico. This has recently signed a venture agreement with a U. S. company. So counter gravitational devices are already available, they need to be developed in Switzerland,perhaps under licence. Similarly for the Osamu Ide circuits. Do you have any place in mind in Switzerland? It is well known that I have encountered hostility of a personal nature because of my views, from fringe elements of the standard model, but that has had no effect on the development of ES, LENR and counter gravitation around the world.”

It is true that Hill-of-Beans has now considerably expanded and refined the lies told on the et3m site. He claims that power [sic] can be multiplied a million-fold by using a solid-state circuit which is the size of a fingernail. He has thought up better excuses for not naming the companies which supposedly buy his fingernails, and for why his circuits cannot power themselves. He still claims that hydroelectric dams, tidal barrages … and even the counterweights on lifts … ‘extract energy from gravity’. But nowhere can we find any sign of the antigravity machines which Ron now claims that et3m is selling. Oh, and Ron’s latest potboiler is available there. Switzerland is certainly a ‘land of contrasts’, as the tourist brochures say. It is the home of the WHO, and yet there are worthless homoeopathic pharmacies everywhere. It hosts the UN, with its human rights obsessions, and yet Swiss women did not get the vote until 1971 (yes, not 1871). The Swiss are keen on horse-riding and dressage, and yet there are butchers everywhere there which sell horse-meat for human consumption. The country looks modern but, if one ventures out into the fields, one finds eerie pagan altars, straight out of The Golden Bougth, set up on many farms (just recall that very odd ceremony at the recent opening of the new tunnel). And of course Switzerland hosts not only CERN (which Ron calls fraudulent) but also the sort of conference at which Ron’s friends, Searl (street-level conman) and Vigier (‘who should have worked with Einstein’), could mix on equal terms. Hey, Ron, if you can ever overcome your agoraphobia, would you care to meet one of us at the Reichenbach Falls … and experiment with gravity?

My little pony

Craigcefnparc News #20

May 21, 2017

Dr Myron Evans of 50, Rhyddwen Rd., Craigcefnparc, Swansea, has publicly posted the items below on his internet Blog Site. He has odd delusions of being the “Squire of Mawr” and “Lord of Gower”. He has regularly defamed his neighbour former Mawr County Councillor Ioan Richard (myself) with malicious public web postings. Now he has below directed his sick bile on to the Swansea Council :-
Allegations of Misconduct against Swansea Councillors
May 19, 2017
There are three times more complaints to the Ombudsman against Swansea Councillors than any other Council. The Council Leader Phillips was forced to reign in 2012 over allegations of misconduct. Essentially none are elected with a majority of those entitled to vote. I made several complaints against a Councillor who has now retired, not before time. No one knows that he has retired. The Ombudsman seriously considered two of these complaints. The Councils indulge in forced development in small Welsh speaking villages by completely ignoring objections. The objection procedure is a grim farce. I have found that its Welsh language policy is a sham. On more than one occasion I tried to speak Welsh to an operator but was told that no staff could speak Welsh, only the operator. The Councils turned coat on the wind turbine development amid allegations of bribery. As Armiger I keep fighting wind turbines every day and take no notice of the Councils or A. M. ‘s. To a native Welsh speaker of Mawr, the Councils are irrelevant, frequently hostile. The Ombudsman does not consider complaints in any depth, its staff cannot speak Welsh and many are not from Wales at all, and it does not consider evidence even when given to it. It is a long standing joke that the Councillors should move across the road, meaning they should take up residence in Swansea prison, a grim, grey / black structure overlooking the old Vetch field in Swansea. Sometimes when watching Swansea Town at the Vetch with my late father, I could see the prisoners looking through the bars of their windows. I never had any liking for Swansea, Mawr is completely different and is totally misgoverned by Swansea. The Civil Centre is like a blackening concrete bunker, the Councillors sometimes stand outside it in wigs or toupees, so they all look like Donald Trump. Posted in asott2
Reports of Swansea Council facing Bankruptcy
May 19, 2017
These appeared as early as 2010, and since then it has been chopping everything. It continues to spend lavishly in the centre of Swansea, but nothing in Mawr, not even double yellow lines, no wardens. Llandaff Cathedral is facing bankruptcy, and the National Library of Wales almost became insolvent a few months ago. Swansea County Council and City Council was at one time notorious for corruption, lavish claims for expenses, lavish salaries, no government.
My comments:-
He had better be careful not to defame the former County Council Leader. Also he should be extremely cautious before throwing in the word “bribery” about the local Wind Turbine issue – an issue in which he has done absolutely nothing zero zilch to support the village community to save their Common Land here with his fantasy comments. All of his serial complaints against his local County Councillor (myself) were thrown out by the Wales Ombudsman in record quick time. Of course everyone knows I have recently retired due to my age at 73 years and not for any malicious reason he invents. Maybe he should ask himself why he retired from real Science at a very early age. It may be that it was not an early retirement, but a career change to pursue pseudo-science instead. He claims falsely that Swansea Council has done “nothing in Mawr”, which again is very untrue. If he looked out of his front window he would see work in progress, being done by Swansea Council, in bringing the Rhyddwen Road Council Houses up to 21st Century Housing Standards at £20,000 each house installing new kitchens and bathrooms and energy efficiency systems. This is opposite his own cottage (oops – quack University). If his eyesight is that bad he should go to see an optician. The Council has a legally sound Welsh Language Policy which is more than can be said for his Duck Pond Group i.e. Quack University’s non-existent Welsh Language Policy. It is sad to see such utter nonsense being published by a “Civil List Member” and it brings ridicule on the Palace Honours’ system. Where and when will it all end?

A Further Descent

May 21, 2017

Quantum Gravity Team

May 21, 2017

Siegfried Wolfram Gayling von Altheim,

Dear Siggi,

Thank you very much for this invitation, which we gladly accept. The international AIAS and UPITEC could cooperate with your group in Switzerland, and combine expertise. Your project looks to be an adaptation of the gyorscope problems addressed recently in the UFT series, so the gravitational and electrodynamic field equations of ECE2 could be used in combination. From 1990 to 1991 I worked with Prof. Dr. Georges Wagniere, Dekan or Dean in the University of Zuerich.”

So you have linked up with yet another group of nutters; through what further mire are you going to drag the Civil List accolade? Did you know that a link to AIAS has already been added to their wordpress page? How is that going to play with the remaining members of your ‘staff’ who try to cling onto academic respectability? No-Bubbles Jackson must be pleased; their site links to articles on Nazi antigravity aircraft. You know, the ones that he said that Cartan and Einstein had helped with (theory-wise) when No-Bubbles was interviewed on ‘Rancid’ Rense’s internet radio programme. When you were interviewed on the same programme a week or so later, you did not deny anything that No-Bubbles had said. You should tell your employer, QE2, about those aircraft. Hmmm, perhaps she already knows about them. Who knows what her dodgy Nazi-friendly uncle might have told her about Adi’s plans and planes.

Two Peas in a Pod

May 20, 2017

Implementation of Energy from Spacetime (ES) Power Stations and LENR

May 20, 2017

ES is by far the best way to generate electricity, and LENR by far the best way of generating heat. The technology is already available. These power stations should be combined with tidal hydro. If not, humankind faces extinction within one hundred years according to some scientists. Hawking’s suggestion to look for another planet is ridiculous. Humankind has not even colonized the moon, much to the latter’s relief. The bigots can no longer afford the luxury of a load of old dogma. It looks as if Donald Trump has chopped the entire U. S. program on climate research, so will soon be chopped himself by impeachment. He has done more damage than Nixon in a few months and has already obstructed justice.”

You really cannot see that you are the pseudoscientific equivalent of Trump? You cannot see that your daily lying blog-posts are the same as his Twitter disinformation and gaffes? You cannot see that his dismissal of facts as being ‘fake news’ is the same as your calling carefully accumulated experimental data and proven theory mere ‘dogma’? You cannot see that you are just as great an affront to what Wales stands for, as he is to what the USA stands for? ‘Energy from spacetime’ is a lie. LENR is a scam. Tidal power is real, but damning the Bristol Channel would be an ecological disaster and would do far more harm to birds than wind-turbines supposedly do. Tidal lagoons are real, but they do not require high tides (surface area is more important) and Swansea Bay is (thus) not the best place to put one. As for your suggestion of putting turbines in dykes and letting the North Sea flood the Netherlands … are you insane? Time to show that letter again … or do you have a newer one? 

Ron Undermines His Own Fan-Base

May 19, 2017

FOR POSTING: Section 3 of Paper 377

May 19, 2017

This is one of the most important sections of the entire UFT series, showing that any kind of precession can be described by ECE2 relativity, forward and retrograde.”

Everything can be explained by ECE, even the human soul (according to No-Bubbles Jackson), if it is the result that you want.

“The retrograde precession observed in S2, can be explained by spin connection or aether engineering. ”

Where exactly does it say that retrograde precession has been observed?

“There are no infinities in this kind of general relativity, no big bang and no black holes. ECE2 is by now the preferred theory of general relativity for most intellectuals, a large percentage of whom work outside the ultra dogmatic and obsolete ivory towers,”

Ah, there it is, the admission that your followers are all in the lunatic fringe but, if that is the case, why do they not write openly about your ‘great work’ in all of the loony journals? No ivory tower. No ivory-tower salary (as if!) to lose.

“and a large number work in the progressive universities. ”

Are those the ‘universities’ which sell degrees, on the grounds of ‘whole-life attainment’, to ‘independent investigators’?

This is also a major advance in mathematics, for the first time it has been inferred that the same ECE2 lagrangian can give forward or retrograde precessons. Congratulations to Co author Dr. Horst Eckardt, and enjoy the trip!”

… if you like falling flat on your face.

Another Spinning-Top Casualty

May 19, 2017

Two Simple Gyroscope Experiments

May 19, 2017

I could certainly work on the theory, usisng teh ECE2 field equations of gravitation and electromagnetism, and Horst Eckardt can apply computer algebra. This experiment is well worth trying, and recently we have developed gyroscope theory in some UFT papers.”

The request is for experiment, Ron, not more crackpot theory. Even Einstein thought, for a while, that spinning-tops should fall more slowly. You don’t do experiments, Ron, and – if you did – they would be contrived so as to get the result that you wanted. Your new nutter friend does not seem to know the full dismal history of spinning-top weighing experiments, nor about all of the things that can produce a false positive (i.e. antigravity) result nor about all of the patent applications for spinning-top antigravity machines. And why is the word, quantum, tacked onto the whole thing?  That is just a buzzword for the modern snake-oil salesman. But do please go ahead and ‘explain’ the predicted phenomena … it all helps to make you look scientifically incompetent, if further proof were needed.


May 18, 2017

“Original Manuscript Collection and Medals

Everyone thinks that the proper place for the paper and medal collection is the National Library of Wales, so a conference should be arranged there at some time to discuss the transfer. (Gareth Evans, Kerry Pendergast and myself and any others interested). In view of the fact that they have attracted twenty two million hits since 2002 they are already historic and valuable. James Joyce was also a Civil List Pensioner, and his original manuscripts in the National Library of Ireland are worth tens of millions of euro’s. The Book of Kells in Trinity College Dublin is insured for about fifty to seventy million euro’s. I have seen it when I was Visiting Academic there. I have approached Hugh Owen Library in my Alma Mater, UCW Aberystwyth, Ystradgynlais Library (one of the seats of my ancestor Prince Bleddyn ap Maenarch Brycheiniog) and Powys Archives. It appears that they do not have enough space, and I was told that I have nothing to do with Powys, although my ancestor was the Prince of Brycheiniog. So bureaucracy can be as difficult and stupid as ever, making off the cuff decisions without knowing anything about the subject matter. The medals are being kept in a strong room because they could be valued commensurately with the Nobel Prize medals. I have been told that I have been nominated several times for a Nobel Prize. There is no reason to disbelieve this. The Collection should remain in Wales, but if no Library in Wales can house it, (which would be very surprising and disappointing), I am also negotiating with the Bodleian Library Oxford as sometime Junior Research Fellow of Wolfson College, Oxford. The papers of my ancestor John Aubrey are in the Bodleian. He was a friend and advisor of Robert Hooke, whose papers are valued currently at a million pounds. I would very much prefer that the Collection remain in Wales, I am the first Welsh speaker ever appointed a Civil List Pensioner. Ireland is starting to value Civil List Pensioner Sir William Rowan Hamilton in various ways, after neglecting him for about one hundred and fifty years. I am very glad the NLW decided to accept a collection of paintings and so on from Sir Kyffin Williams. I saw some of his originals when I was Warden of Neuadd Santes Fair in Bangor, influenced by Vincent van Gogh. They are great works of art by Kyffin Williams. I can also approach the West Glamorgan Archives in Swansea, although I am an Aberystwyth man, Aberystwyth’s only Civil List Pensioner. The digital archives are secure, a secure place is now needed for the original manuscripts. The medals are held in a strong room just outside of Wales, in Shropshire (Ancient Powys). If anyone can suggest a suitable library inside Wales, I would be interested to hear from them. It must be secure, and safe from the threat of closure. Many small libraries in Wales are being closed by mindless philistines, the tory government in London, and their books “thrown out” or kept as best as they can by volunteers. One can recognize political barbarism imposed on Wales, civilization is much more difficult to build, in Wales we built it ourselves, so must conserve it and value it ourselves, because no one else will.”

Hmmm, a ‘strong room just outside of Wales’. Would that be, by any chance, the strongroom belonging to Mullocks the auctioneers? Could it be, by any chance, that they are holding onto the medals until you pay the penalty fee for a failed sale?

Too Good

May 18, 2017

FOR POSTING: UFT377 Parts One and Two and Background Notes

May 18, 2017

This paper is one of the most original of the UFT series because it shows that the same ECE2 lagrangian can produce both forward and retrograde planar orbital precessions, whereas EGR can produce only forward precessions. Retrograde precession is claimed to have been observed astronomically in the S2 star orbiting the centre of the MIlky Way. The paper also gives a complete solution for the kappa vector of ECE2 theory defined in UFT318.”

There is an old scientific dictum which says that, “a theory which explains everything, explains nothing”. A prime example of this apparently paradoxical statement would be the old equant theory for describing orbits. If an incompetent astronomer, using a defective telescope, had ever reported seeing a perfectly square orbit (with mathematically sharp corners), the equant method could have ‘explained’ it without missing a beat. All of Ron’s work has been like that, mere glorified curve-fitting; literally ‘fitting only where the data touch’. This is why he is so keen on orbital motions, but has nothing to say about tides. A real theory would be all-encompassing … and predictive. Ron also breaks the golden rule against double-counting. That is, he will often ‘confirm’ his theoretical predictions by using the same data which he used to construct the theory. Tsk tsk. He even manages to ‘explain’ the non-existent levitation of spinning-tops a la Laithwaite and the retrograde precession which he thinks has been observed (after apparently misreading scientific papers) in a distant star system. He also seems to have forgotten that he had previously used a different theory to ‘explain’ the supposed anti-gravity behaviour of the Levitron. Give it up, Ron, you are not suited to science. Philosophy-wise you are more, cant than Kant. 


Too Much Aether-Sniffing

May 18, 2017

Aether Engineering from UFT377

May 17, 2017

This is exactly what I was thinking about, to try to get the astronomically observed precession by modifying the components of the kappa vector, which incorporates the spin connection. In addition there are available the equations of fluid dynamics, so as you have shown, essentially any orbit can be produced. This starts to go well beyond EGR (refuted eight three times at least in the UFT series). The field equations used in UFT377 are the gravitational Coulomb law of ECE2 and the gravitational Faraday law of induction of ECE2 in the gravitostatic limit in which there is no gravitomagnetic field.”

Back in the real world, General Relativity has passed every experimental test. Anomalies such as the flat rotation curves of galaxies are not a disproof; merely something to be explained. Another anomaly, the unexplained slowing-down of an early space-probe has now been traced to a very mundane cause … after getting the lunatic fringe very  excited for years. Meanwhile, every schoolboy knows that two classic experiments (Michelson-Morley, Trouton-Noble), and all of their subsequent replications,  failed to detect any aether.  Trouton was no saint, by the way: he had pound-signs obscuring his vision when he set up the experiment. He thought that his apparatus would function as a sort of aether-wind turbine and thus earn him a pretty penny.

The Delusion Deepens

May 18, 2017

Those Who Declined a Knighthood

May 17, 2017

There are many of these, including Paul Dirac and Augustus John, although both accepted Order of Merit. George Bernard Shaw declined an Order of Merit because as a socialist he believed that merit can only be judged in the very long term. He also wished to decline a Nobel Prize, but his wife persuaded him that it was an honour for Ireland. Michael Foot declined a life peerage, something which I admire in a Bevanite socialist. Oliver Cromwell declined to be King. Many feel that a title such as knighthood can be used politically. A Civil List Pension is not a title, it is an appointment by the Head of State and Parliament on the advice of the Prime Minister. If I were offered a knighthood I would almost certainly decline it as a U. S. dual citizen”

Rather than dreaming about receiving all of these honours as part of your obviously masturbatory fantasy, why not follow the lead of your friend Turner-Thomas and simply adopt them anyway? You have a head start on other loonies: your friends, Bearden and Valone, had to buy their doctorates from degree-mills. You, at least, have a real doctorate or two … even if you belie them on a daily basis. Turner-Thomas has awarded himself a commission in the SAS; the regiment has been informed … so how come he is still breathing? He has awarded himself a George Cross and a Victoria Cross and a knighthood.  As for a Nobel prize, why not give yourself two? The man-in-the-street is not going to notice. Would anybody really notice or care if you awarded yourself a knighthood? Oh, hang on, American citizens are not allowed to hold honours awarded by other countries … at least, not until after Trump receives the Order of Lenin.

Thought-Provoking Indeed

May 18, 2017

Thought provoking pics to enjoy

May 18, 2017

Many thanks!

In a message dated 17/05/2017 16:02:12 GMT Daylight Time, writes:”

And the main thought which it provokes around here, Ron, is that you are simply not good enough to make pronouncements about how the universe works. Leave it to the physicists and mathematicians. Oh, and post the key through the letter-box as you leave.

Change the Record!

May 14, 2017

Where Did Einsteinian General Relativity Go Wrong?

May 14, 2017

Einstein used the geometry known in his day, which was the second Bianchi identity of 1880 (Ricci) or 1902 (Bianchi). He based his field equation of 1915 directly on this identity, which does not contain spacetime torsion, discovered in the early twenties by Cartan and colleagues. As shown in UFT99, which is based directly on Carroll’s chapter three of “Spacetime and Geometry: blah … blah … blah … ad inf.

That’s an easy one:

It Didn’t … You Did!


The Contrived ‘Scientometrics’

May 14, 2017

The Filtered or Selected Scientometrics

May 14, 2017

These are too well known worldwide to need any further introduction from me. ”

Quite: everyone knows that they are meaningless ‘electronic noise’.

“They are overwhelming and objective proof of high quality and permanent, worldwide readership of ECE unified field theory. ”

What is the usual scientific reaction to evidence which is produced by only one person and cannot be independently verified? Yes, that’s correct: FRAUD

“In April 2017 these filtered scientometrics were being consulted 15,525 times a year, again by the best in the world. ”


“This is a far more accurate measure of impact than the primitive h factor or g factor. My conventional h factor is 42 at present, ”

According to Scopus your h-factor, over the period of your downward career spiral, has been unity; it would have been zero had not a crackpot paper somehow evaded the Scopus filters. 

“about 13,413 conventional citations, even though I no longer use conventional journals”

You could never get published in a real journal anymore. And if you were to publish in crackpot journals or viXra, you would not be ‘special’ any more; you would be just another nutter pullulating among all of the other nutters (some of whom are more prolific than you).

“having built a much more powerful open access website system. An h factor of about 45 is considered enough for membership of the U. S. National Academy of Sciences. It goes without saying that this is with the help of distinguished international colleagues. ”

‘Distinguished international colleagues’: handful of crackpot yes-men. The only thing which distinguishes them is their apparent ability to hang onto paid employment in any field other than ‘waste-management’.

“The filtered statistics have taken thirteen years to assemble on a daily basis and are unique. ”

Yep, uniquely meaningless cum fraudulent. Where is the hit-counter that we asked for? Even the Public Dick is more honest than you!

“No other scientist keeps such meticulous records. ”

No real scientist needs such a palpably masturbatory fantasy in order to keep his spirits up.

“These records are of key importance in order to give a rigorously objective historical measure of the reception to a new theory. It has been overwhelmingly positive. This is all digitally archived.”

They are of key importance in maintaining the daydream of an adequate chemist who insisted on becoming an inadequate mathematician and physicist and is now paying the price by being totally ignored by the scientific community. It is the stuff of tragic opera.


The Queen’s Appointed Liar

May 14, 2017

Vast Readership – Referring URLs Report: AIAS

May 14, 2017

Referring URLs Report: AIAS

This is a vast file which can nevertheless be posted easily on the blog and archived. It makes Hawking’s boast of nine thousand look like an atom in an electron microscope. The way to study this file is to select an item, e.g. a UFT paper or an Omnia Opera paper, and look at the meaningful referrals, ignore the junk coming in from random spamming. There is great interest in every single item across the entire span of my career, (forty six years of continuous research work) for which I was selected for a 2017 Marquis Life Achievement Award. Please always bear in mind that about half of scientific papers published in the old way are never read at all. So we can conclude that 4,500 members of Hawking’s imagined consensus are read by no one at all, which doesn’t surprise me. After a while, dogma sieved with refutation sinks out of sight. Hawking is an icon, not a Baconian scientist. On a personal level I have never met him and wish him well, particularly as he suffers from disability, but the truth must be written in order for progress to be made.”

It is a little-known fact that QE2 still has an official champion to take her place (presumably) in case of any fisticuffs or duel with the PM … or the atrocious Mr Corbyn. It is rather better known, but not all that well, that she also has an official liar on scientific matters, Dr Myron Wyn Evans. She does not in fact know that, because she thinks that he is just a pensioner. She would also not know it because she is not a physicist. Perhaps she does not even know that Evans considers himself to be her employee, nor that he has used Her Royal Treasury as his affiliation on a paper in which he ‘explained’ the perpetual-motion machine of an American crackpot. Central to his web of lies is the fiction that he has an enormous number of followers. His only proofs of this are the dubious figures which he manufactures himself: there are no other indicators. Nobody but himself and his few followers ever cite his great work. He writes ‘books’ which are given away online (contents-wise) and which he then tries to sell for real by paying vanity-publishers to print them.  Even then, the books receive only very negative reviews. He is proud of being listed in Marquis’ Who’s Who, a notorious vanity publication which any real scientist would pay good money to avoid. One is required to believe that there exists a vast ‘invisible college’ which, although being in the majority (according to our liar), is too scared to make itself known by building on Evans’ great discoveries in public. One presumes that they lurk in the halls of academe like Nazi fifth-columnists (or scientologists), just waiting to destroy the edifice from within.  

The Creationist Trick

May 13, 2017

FOR POSTING: Big Bang Has No Credibility Left

May 13, 2017

Agreed with this. See document “Eight Three Refutations of General Relativity” on , Steve Crothers’ chapter nine of “Principles of ECE”, and papers such as UFT88, 99, 109, 255, 313, 255, 254 and 375. I have selected eighty three of the leading refutations, there are many other refutations on ”

The most popular strategy among creationists, in fact their only strategy, is to watch out for disputes between evolutionary biologists or to find slight (but explainable) oddities in the fossil record. They then proclaim that ‘Darwin has been disproved’ and that therefore ‘the bible is true’.  This is a pathetic strategy: it is not a zero-sum game and so, even if the mainline Darwinian model were proved wrong, it would not validate that evil book; it would merely resurrect some of the many alternative evolutionary models that were previously discounted. The loonies are playing the same trick here: a slight disagreement over the rate of inflation does not invalidate the Big Bang … nor does it change any of the observations which support the Big Bang. In fact, the similarity between Big Bang deniers and Darwin deniers is very close. As Ron (poor boy who done good)  likes to point out, the Big Bang was named sarcastically so by Fred Hoyle (poor boy who done good). What hero-worshipers fail to realize is that Hoyle was an utter crackpot, apart from a lucky guess concerning resonance in nuclear synthesis. He used dubious mathematical reasoning to fool the unwary into thinking that evolution was completely improbable. He claimed that ‘flu came from outer space (that BTW was the medieval explanation). He conspired with other crank academics in Cardiff (then a hotbed of UK creationism) to ‘prove’ that the Archeopteryx (dinosaur/bird) link was a fake (in spite of the fact that several independently discovered examples exist).  He also predicted global freezing. Before Ron came along, he was probably the biggest embarrassment to British academe. So the point is, in case you missed it, that no amount of bickering over the details of cosmology is going to make Ron and his fatuous theories any the more valid.

“Many other avant garde intellectuals have refuted Big Bang experimentally and theoretically for many years. ”

Thanks to Ron, ‘avant garde’ is becoming synonymous with ‘crackpot’. But then, it always was … but not in science.

“Einstein himself rejected Big Bang long ago, in the thirties. ”

He did not believe his own calculations, added a ‘fiddle-factor’ to explain the discrepancy … and then found that he had been correct all along.

“This letter from Hawking and his angry friends uses the old disingenuous and anti Baconian dogma, that the empty minded crowd must be right. ”

They had a right to be annoyed. It seems that the authors of the article gave no warning as to its nature. Such ‘jumping over the heads of peers’ and ‘appealing to the general public’ is the sort of dirty trick which is usually pulled by the lunatic fringe. That is what Ron does when he ‘publishes’ papers on his own website or goes to vanity publishers with his loony books without ever engaging with the relevant scientific community. 

“No logical argument is given as to why they must be right. They are in fact totally wrong. ”

There is something called the ‘scientific literature’, Ron, which you ignore. Scientists do not work on the ‘sound-bite’ principle: all of the evidence for their stance is to be found in the vast amount of supportive material to be found in the ‘journals of record’. You make no observations, you perform no experiments; you merely use dodgy theory to support your sly misinterpretations of the evidence of others.

“Einstein wrote that it takes only one experimental fact to refute his theory. It was refuted by the velocity curve of a whirlpool galaxy fifty years ago, it is refuted by retrograde precession in the S2 star, and by other well known experimental facts. ”

Given that the flat velocity curve of a galaxy is also a ‘refutation’ of Newtonian theory, why do you think that it undermines Einstein; given that General Relativity is not that important in classic celestial mechanics (where gravity is assumed to act instantaneously)? Again, the point is that there is a queue of explanations for the velocity curve, and an idiot who has to re-introduce the aether in order to explain it will always be at the very back of that queue. And yet again, where do you get the idea that retrograde precession has been observed? Can you not understand scientific papers? But what a flexible theory ECE2 is: first it ‘explains’ gyroscopic levitation, which does not exist, and then it ‘explains’ a retrograde precession, which has not been observed. Jeez, Ron, do you never wake up in the middle of the night and cry in shame and despair at what you have become? 

“Big Bang is full of adjustables, so one could fit and predict anything. I think it was written originally by a sixties Dalek in the wine cellar of Trinity College Cambridge. The Dalek had been at the bottles. As an Oxford man I am not surprised by anything that goes on there.”

You are not good at humour Ron, and you are not ‘an Oxford man’: you did not graduate from there. You merely conned your way in for a while … and then they decided that you were ‘not wanted on voyage’. In academia, a ‘record number of fellowships’ is not a good thing: valuable people are eagerly snapped up immediately and are not passed around like a hot potato.

“Not even wrong” as Pauli wrote with equal indignation. Louis de Broglie and Jean-Pierre Vigier rejected Big Bang on the basis of photon mass, so have thousands of others. ”

That is another crackpot ploy: to take famous quotations out of context. You know very well that Pauli would have applied it to ECE. Hmm, was that before or after Vigier went peculiar and started to attend the same loony conferences as Searl? 

“So if we look at physics as a populist football match, there are more than six thousand supporters on our side, in fact there are several million judging by the scientometrics of, and they work at the best universities in the world. ”

But your audience is imaginary and the scientometrics are bogus. Ironically, it is the Public Dick who has undermined you: you consider him to be a ‘scholar’ equal to yourself, and yet the hit-counter on his website reveals a very low level of interest. Put a hit-counter on your websites and try to prove us wrong! As for being read at the ‘best universities’, how come your supporters have not written an article like the one above? 

“This site is very carefully ignored by the dogmatists. ”

Jeez Ron, it is ignored by everybody. We shall ignore it as soon as your name is expunged from the list of civil-list pensioners. That can happen before or after you are outed as a pseudoscientific clown and the tabloids tear you to pieces. Your choice.

“Dark matter was invented to cover up a regrettable inconvenience – the complete failure of Einsteinian general relativity (EGR). ”

Again, the failure would also be Newton’s. Dark matter is just one of several proposals for explaining the flat velocity curve. Why do you harp on about dark matter? Is it because cranks are always constrained to attack only those scientists and theories of whom the man-in-the-street has heard?

“Big Bang is riddled with well known theoretical errors. I have written several times to Hawking as a Civil List Pensioner and did not receive the elementary courtesy of a reply. ”

Why would he reply to a crackpot?

“This means that Hawking is unable to argue scientifically with AIAS / UPITEC. So Hawking’s type of work should not be publicly funded. ”

There was a time when busy mathematics professors would have their brightest students refute circle-squaring proofs which they had been sent by cranks. Unfortunately there are just too many cranks these days, and it is no longer a sensible use of valuable time to have anybody respond to the lunatic fringe.  Stop bothering real scientists Ron!

“The censorship system of the dogmatists has been sieved by and , which have recorded twenty two million hits since 2002. ”

Only those who cannot recognize their mistakes complain of censorship, withdraw from academic intercourse … and then screw around with fake statistics.

“The censorious journal system has been replaced by the open access website system. ”

There certainly is a big problem these days. Open-access publication has been turned into a money-making racket by crooks in the third world. One US academic who pointed this out was threatened with a huge lawsuit … and with imprisonment if he ever went to India. So cranks like Ron could not be operating at a better time. Fortunately, Ron cannot afford the fees which the crackpot-journals demand, and he has to ‘publish’ his ‘papers’ where they are never to be seen (contrary to his lies).  

“A paper such as UFT88 has been consulted perhaps fifty thousand known times in a decade, and also by the best minds in the best universities, institutes and similar. Private consultations which I cannot identify probably amount to tens of thousands more consultations. ”

These are all palpable lies. Again we ask you to install hit-counters on your sites or … STFU!

“It is high on the first page of Google, the dogmatists are finished as intellectuals. ”

Try turning off the Google service which preferentially brings up sites which you have previously visited.

“Anger is not an example of Baconian natural philosophy. It is a display of mindless arrogance – a skinhead at a football match, or a troll “Looking Back in Anger”, John Osborne, played by Richard Burton. Recently a dogmatist had a fit all over Stephen Crothers and that reached the newspapers. Parents should be careful what they do with their fees.”

You wouldn’t know Baconian philosophy if it bit you! “John Osborne, played by Richard Burton”? WTF is that supposed to mean? Crothers deserves everything he gets. Correction: Crothers doesn’t get what he really deserves!


From Here, One Can See Ron’s Ego

May 12, 2017

And look at all the lovely turbines:

Local Hero

May 12, 2017

A poet talks about Dylan:



May 12, 2017

Wind power makes 0% of world energy

May 12, 2017

Many thanks to Axel Westrenius in Australia! This article makes a pig’s breakfast out of the deceptive wind industry propaganda. It points out that it would need 350,000 new giant wind turbines a year to meet the 2% increase in global energy demand every year for the past fifty years. In 2016 the International Energy Agency calculated that renewables produce 0.46% of global energy consumption, solar and tide combined provide 0.35%. It makes the key point that energy consumption means electric plus solid, liquid and gaseous fuel needed for heavy industry.”

The plain ‘Matt Ridley’ who wrote the mentioned article: would that be by any chance the Viscount Professor Dr Dr(hc) Dr(hc) Matthew White Ridley FRSL FMedSci? And would that be the same Matt Ridley who was accused of harming the British banking industry after Northern Rock, of which he was chairman, was the first British bank in over a century to suffer a run on its resources? Would that be the same Matt Ridley who receives money from a coalmine situated on his land? Would that be the same Matt Ridley who has shares in a company which builds equipment for the highly contentious fracking industry? Well then, that was certainly a completely unbiased article in which we can all have confidence. How appropriate it is that the Ridley coat-of-arms features a bull with its tail conveniently raised; he must be tripping over the stuff all the time … as well as writing it. Jeez Ron, you certainly know how to saw through the branch upon which you are perched.


May 11, 2017

Correcting a Typo in the Preface

May 11, 2017

It should be “Alwyn van der Merwe”, probably the best and most imaginative physics journal and book editor of the latter part of the twentieth century and early twenty first century.”

In our own minds, we always read it as Alwyn van der Merde.  That is the apposite term for someone who filled a supposedly bona fide physics journal with nonsense-papers about perpetual-motion machines. Why indeed does Ron still admire Merde while he has completely dropped the guy who caused all of the trouble in the first place, ‘Dr’ Thomas Bearden, former co-author of Myron’s and former AIAS member?

Hit-Counter Coward

May 11, 2017

Ron of course is scared to put hit-counters on his aias and upitec sites because he knows that they would reveal his scientometrics to be completely bogus. But not all crackpots are so dishonest and, with some surprise, we note that the Public Dick has a hit-counter on his website.

It shows a very low frequency of hits and page-views, lower than our own figures in fact. Come on, Ron, stop the daily litany of lies and let everyone see just how (un)popular you really are.

Craigcefnparc News #19

May 8, 2017

MORON we are in Mawr Community of Swansea Wales UK, are absolutely sick of your delusions and untruths and false land claims and false titles and bogus science. You are not a Squire. You are not a Lord of Gower. You are not a Lord of Glyntawe. You are not a Professor in the UK sense. You have done nothing for this Mawr Community. You never attend Elim Chapel or any other Chapel or Village Hall event in this Community. You’ve done NOTHING ZERO ZILCH to save Mynydd y Gwair, You have done nothing to help the growing Welsh language schools in this area. You are a nasty deluded person spreading political bile. You support political losers in local elections. The Local County Election percentage turnout in Mawr Ward in Swansea was the highest of all the Wards across the County. I hereby challenge you once again, and your political colleague Ms Frame, to a public debate anywhere in Mawr, to refute your delusions and nasty bile. Why not bring along your false Victoria Cross claimant as well to demonstrate bogus Perpetual Motion devices and illegal quack cancer cures! MORON we all know you read this CRACKPOTWATCH – so please respond urgently in public.

Ioan Richard


May 7, 2017

Title of Squire

May 7, 2017

This is the traditional use of the title of “Squire” – the chief landed proprietor with or without a coat of arms. An Armiger (someone granted arms by Letters Patent of the College of Arms) is a Squire because the Armiger was originally the Squire, (Norman French “Esquier”), the bearer of Arms for a Knight. A Squire is one above Gentleman, one below Knight, in the Norman system of Peers and Gentry. Sir Edward Coke in Tudor times ruled that an Armiger is a member of the Gentry, and on being granted arms, his entire Family become Members of the Gentry in perpetuity, irrespective of how much or how little land they own. Some modern Armigers live in a flat. Morgan Morgan was therefore a Member of the Gentry because he was descended from the Gentry. He was an Uchelwr because he was descended from the Princes.”

Does Byron Lewis know who you are? Does he know that you are calling yourself a Squire? Do you have a piece of paper saying that you can do that? Are you right now feverishly googling ‘Byron Lewis’? We shall save you the trouble: he is the Lord-Lieutenant of West Glamorgan … surely he would know.


Expert Discussion?

May 7, 2017

Precession from the Minkowski Type Orbital Equation

May 5, 2017

Many thanks. A positive precession means an anticlockwise rotation of the perihelion of the ellipse, a negative precession means a clockwise rotation of the perihelion of the ellipse. The sense of rotation depends where the observer is situated. To an observer above the orbital plane the sense of rotation is opposite to an observer below the plane. If one imagines a point going to the right looking at the computer screen, the same point goes to the left if one imagines looking at it from behind the computer screen. The important thing is the modulus of the precession, its absolute value. The factor gamma fourth is always less than one. It would be interesting to find the conditions under which precession is a maximum or a minimum. The Minkowski force equation is the rigorously correct relativistic Newton equation, as is well known. It is given as a problem in Marion and Thornton chapter fifteen. The really important result is that we have found precession from the well known Minkowski force equation when applied ot planar orbital theory. In UFT228 ff this was not clear.”

Is it not rather more than a little odd that, when two ‘world-beating’ experts are discussing research that has supposedly discredited Einstein, one of them has to take time out to explain to the other that the clockwise or counter-clockwise nature of an orbit is a mere convention? This reminds us of those ridiculous CSI series in which supposed ‘crime-scene investigators’, screwed up every crime scene by taking no precautions other than donning rubber gloves (and those in turn often taken from a contaminating jacket pocket) and would regularly create elaborate computer-simulations just in order to explain some trivial point to a supposedly experienced colleague. On the other hand, what more can one expect of a fictional account of imaginary investigations?



May 6, 2017

Patti Estate in 1885

May 6, 2017

This was fourteen million pounds at today’s value. I calculated this from the amount of money that Patti gave to her first husband, the Marquis de Caux, in 1885, £64,000, and adjusting for inflation using the Bank of England online calculator. She was then free to marry Ernesto Nicolini, who was French born and an operatic tenor. So they must have liked each other an awful lot. When Nicolini died, Patti went into a kind of permanent, deep sadness, and in my opinion the much younger Baron Cederstrom married her for the money, certainly not for the music. ”

This reminds us that the previous crackpot-in-residence of Craigcefnparc, Harry Grindell “death-ray” Matthews, was also connected to opera: he married the ueber-eccentric Ganna Walska. She was said to have been the basis for the awful singer who was backed by Citizen Kane.  It is unclear whether she ever visited Craigcefnparc. She later founded some famous ornamental gardens in California, even though she herself could not tell one flower from another.

“The direct ancestor of Stuart Davies, Morgan Morgan, sold Craig y Nos to Patti in 1878. I descend from his younger brother William Morgan as attached. A row of fine trees was planted in front of the house, but in its ineluctable and infinite and most profound wisdom, Powys County Council scythed it to the ground with chain saws during a family reunion at Craig y Nos Castle some time ago. A yellow clad neandertahl carrying a chain saw told me to move my car, and proceeded to massacre the trees. This insults the intelligent neanderthals, who would never have destroyed their own environment. This is the age of the crass philistine, imported tory ignorance. There is an attempted history of Craig y Nos by someone called Len Ley, but it is full of errors. ”

How can you be descended from a Morgan, your surname is Evans? Oh, you have been doing your usual trick of following whatever line suits your purposes. Well, one can link oneself to just about anyone by doing that … as indeed you do.

“Rice Davies Powell was not an army Captain, he made it up. He also made up his coat of arms, but of course built the famous Craig y Nos Castle in its early stages. Many of my Potter ancestors were employed at the Castle. I am now the equivalent of a “Clan Chief” of the Morgan Aubrey Family because I am an Armiger and real Squire, with a real coat of arms. In my opinion my cousin, the distinguished historian and genealogist Stuart Davies, could write the true history if he has the time. Squire Morgan Morgan of Craig y Nos Castle was not a real Squire, he also made it up, but never mind, he was a very important figure of his time.”

Ah, who can say ‘Rice Davies’ without recalling that infamous Welsh prostitute who helped to bring down a Conservative government. Is that what passes for political campaigning in Wales? And indeed, why censure those people for inventing titles and military ranks? Do you yourself not admire someone who has awarded himself an honorary commission in the SAS, a knighthood, a George Cross, a Victoria Cross … plus several gongs which are usually reserved for members of the Royal Family? You are not a real squire either, and certainly of no importance.