Patti Estate in 1885

May 6, 2017

This was fourteen million pounds at today’s value. I calculated this from the amount of money that Patti gave to her first husband, the Marquis de Caux, in 1885, £64,000, and adjusting for inflation using the Bank of England online calculator. She was then free to marry Ernesto Nicolini, who was French born and an operatic tenor. So they must have liked each other an awful lot. When Nicolini died, Patti went into a kind of permanent, deep sadness, and in my opinion the much younger Baron Cederstrom married her for the money, certainly not for the music. ”

This reminds us that the previous crackpot-in-residence of Craigcefnparc, Harry Grindell “death-ray” Matthews, was also connected to opera: he married the ueber-eccentric Ganna Walska. She was said to have been the basis for the awful singer who was backed by Citizen Kane.  It is unclear whether she ever visited Craigcefnparc. She later founded some famous ornamental gardens in California, even though she herself could not tell one flower from another.

“The direct ancestor of Stuart Davies, Morgan Morgan, sold Craig y Nos to Patti in 1878. I descend from his younger brother William Morgan as attached. A row of fine trees was planted in front of the house, but in its ineluctable and infinite and most profound wisdom, Powys County Council scythed it to the ground with chain saws during a family reunion at Craig y Nos Castle some time ago. A yellow clad neandertahl carrying a chain saw told me to move my car, and proceeded to massacre the trees. This insults the intelligent neanderthals, who would never have destroyed their own environment. This is the age of the crass philistine, imported tory ignorance. There is an attempted history of Craig y Nos by someone called Len Ley, but it is full of errors. ”

How can you be descended from a Morgan, your surname is Evans? Oh, you have been doing your usual trick of following whatever line suits your purposes. Well, one can link oneself to just about anyone by doing that … as indeed you do.

“Rice Davies Powell was not an army Captain, he made it up. He also made up his coat of arms, but of course built the famous Craig y Nos Castle in its early stages. Many of my Potter ancestors were employed at the Castle. I am now the equivalent of a “Clan Chief” of the Morgan Aubrey Family because I am an Armiger and real Squire, with a real coat of arms. In my opinion my cousin, the distinguished historian and genealogist Stuart Davies, could write the true history if he has the time. Squire Morgan Morgan of Craig y Nos Castle was not a real Squire, he also made it up, but never mind, he was a very important figure of his time.”

Ah, who can say ‘Rice Davies’ without recalling that infamous Welsh prostitute who helped to bring down a Conservative government. Is that what passes for political campaigning in Wales? And indeed, why censure those people for inventing titles and military ranks? Do you yourself not admire someone who has awarded himself an honorary commission in the SAS, a knighthood, a George Cross, a Victoria Cross … plus several gongs which are usually reserved for members of the Royal Family? You are not a real squire either, and certainly of no importance.



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