Expert Discussion?

Precession from the Minkowski Type Orbital Equation

May 5, 2017

Many thanks. A positive precession means an anticlockwise rotation of the perihelion of the ellipse, a negative precession means a clockwise rotation of the perihelion of the ellipse. The sense of rotation depends where the observer is situated. To an observer above the orbital plane the sense of rotation is opposite to an observer below the plane. If one imagines a point going to the right looking at the computer screen, the same point goes to the left if one imagines looking at it from behind the computer screen. The important thing is the modulus of the precession, its absolute value. The factor gamma fourth is always less than one. It would be interesting to find the conditions under which precession is a maximum or a minimum. The Minkowski force equation is the rigorously correct relativistic Newton equation, as is well known. It is given as a problem in Marion and Thornton chapter fifteen. The really important result is that we have found precession from the well known Minkowski force equation when applied ot planar orbital theory. In UFT228 ff this was not clear.”

Is it not rather more than a little odd that, when two ‘world-beating’ experts are discussing research that has supposedly discredited Einstein, one of them has to take time out to explain to the other that the clockwise or counter-clockwise nature of an orbit is a mere convention? This reminds us of those ridiculous CSI series in which supposed ‘crime-scene investigators’, screwed up every crime scene by taking no precautions other than donning rubber gloves (and those in turn often taken from a contaminating jacket pocket) and would regularly create elaborate computer-simulations just in order to explain some trivial point to a supposedly experienced colleague. On the other hand, what more can one expect of a fictional account of imaginary investigations?



2 Responses to “Expert Discussion?”

  1. Harry Hab Says:

    LOL! These series nonetheless inspired countless young Brits to pursue “forensic science” degrees at former polytechnics, who rushed to bolt together chemistry 101 with basic Java to offer a dedicated degree in that noble profession. We are now a proud nation of hairdressers, estate agents, and forensic scientists.

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