Title of Squire

May 7, 2017

This is the traditional use of the title of “Squire” – the chief landed proprietor with or without a coat of arms. An Armiger (someone granted arms by Letters Patent of the College of Arms) is a Squire because the Armiger was originally the Squire, (Norman French “Esquier”), the bearer of Arms for a Knight. A Squire is one above Gentleman, one below Knight, in the Norman system of Peers and Gentry. Sir Edward Coke in Tudor times ruled that an Armiger is a member of the Gentry, and on being granted arms, his entire Family become Members of the Gentry in perpetuity, irrespective of how much or how little land they own. Some modern Armigers live in a flat. Morgan Morgan was therefore a Member of the Gentry because he was descended from the Gentry. He was an Uchelwr because he was descended from the Princes.”

Does Byron Lewis know who you are? Does he know that you are calling yourself a Squire? Do you have a piece of paper saying that you can do that? Are you right now feverishly googling ‘Byron Lewis’? We shall save you the trouble: he is the Lord-Lieutenant of West Glamorgan … surely he would know.



2 Responses to “Recognition”

  1. Harry Hab Says:

    Living in a box…

  2. IoanRichard Says:

    MORON we are in Mawr Community of Swansea Wales UK, are absolutely sick of your delusions and untruths and false land claims and false titles and bogus science. You are not a Squire. You are not a Lord of Gower. You are not a Lord of Glyntawe. You are not a Professor in the UK sense. You have done nothing for this Mawr Community. You never attend Elim Chapel or any other Chapel or Village Hall event in this Community. You’ve done NOTHING ZERO ZILCH to save Mynydd y Gwair, You have done nothing to help the growing Welsh language schools in this area. You are a nasty deluded person spreading political bile. You support political losers in local elections. The Local County Election percentage turnout in Mawr Ward in Swansea was the highest of all the Wards across the County. I hereby challenge you once again, and your political colleague Ms Frame, to a public debate anywhere in Mawr, to refute your delusions and nasty bile. Why not bring along your false Victoria Cross claimant as well to demonstrate bogus Perpetual Motion devices and illegal quack cancer cures! MORON we all know you read this CRACKPOTWATCH – so please respond urgently in public.
    What says you CRACKPOTWATCH and your honest readers?

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