Craigcefnparc News #19

MORON we are in Mawr Community of Swansea Wales UK, are absolutely sick of your delusions and untruths and false land claims and false titles and bogus science. You are not a Squire. You are not a Lord of Gower. You are not a Lord of Glyntawe. You are not a Professor in the UK sense. You have done nothing for this Mawr Community. You never attend Elim Chapel or any other Chapel or Village Hall event in this Community. You’ve done NOTHING ZERO ZILCH to save Mynydd y Gwair, You have done nothing to help the growing Welsh language schools in this area. You are a nasty deluded person spreading political bile. You support political losers in local elections. The Local County Election percentage turnout in Mawr Ward in Swansea was the highest of all the Wards across the County. I hereby challenge you once again, and your political colleague Ms Frame, to a public debate anywhere in Mawr, to refute your delusions and nasty bile. Why not bring along your false Victoria Cross claimant as well to demonstrate bogus Perpetual Motion devices and illegal quack cancer cures! MORON we all know you read this CRACKPOTWATCH – so please respond urgently in public.

Ioan Richard


5 Responses to “Craigcefnparc News #19”

  1. Harry Hab Says:

    Now that Ron’s faltering mind seems to be running around in ever decreasing circles, here’s perhaps another crackpot for you to watch:

    This one seems to be quite creative. He’s an admirer of Ron so not too much of a departure.

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      We had occasion to mention him once, way back in 2012, but – for some reason – he fails to interest us. Perhaps it is because he is just too strident, too obviously loony … and too clearly isolated.

      • Harry Hab Says:

        I see your point – with Ron and Public Dick there seems to be a dim understanding of what they want to be a simulacrum of.

        • crackpotwatch Says:

          Yes, De simply snipes at the mainstream while Ron claims to be the mainstream.

          • Harry Hab Says:

            Looking at the posts De tags as his contributions to physics, I see one where he defines the magnetic field as the curl of the curl of the grad of something. We can laugh, or more soberly reflect that the vast majority of students in engineering and the natural sciences who “do some maths” as part of their degree merely learn a few ritualistic incantations…

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