Correcting a Typo in the Preface

May 11, 2017

It should be “Alwyn van der Merwe”, probably the best and most imaginative physics journal and book editor of the latter part of the twentieth century and early twenty first century.”

In our own minds, we always read it as Alwyn van der Merde.  That is the apposite term for someone who filled a supposedly bona fide physics journal with nonsense-papers about perpetual-motion machines. Why indeed does Ron still admire Merde while he has completely dropped the guy who caused all of the trouble in the first place, ‘Dr’ Thomas Bearden, former co-author of Myron’s and former AIAS member?


One Response to “Typo”

  1. Harry Hab Says:

    My impression was that Merde, for reasons best known to himself, took Ron under his wing when he found him in a catatonic condition in upstate New York. We have to await the next installment of Ron’s autobiography to learn all the details.

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