Wind power makes 0% of world energy

May 12, 2017

Many thanks to Axel Westrenius in Australia! This article makes a pig’s breakfast out of the deceptive wind industry propaganda. It points out that it would need 350,000 new giant wind turbines a year to meet the 2% increase in global energy demand every year for the past fifty years. In 2016 the International Energy Agency calculated that renewables produce 0.46% of global energy consumption, solar and tide combined provide 0.35%. It makes the key point that energy consumption means electric plus solid, liquid and gaseous fuel needed for heavy industry.”

The plain ‘Matt Ridley’ who wrote the mentioned article: would that be by any chance the Viscount Professor Dr Dr(hc) Dr(hc) Matthew White Ridley FRSL FMedSci? And would that be the same Matt Ridley who was accused of harming the British banking industry after Northern Rock, of which he was chairman, was the first British bank in over a century to suffer a run on its resources? Would that be the same Matt Ridley who receives money from a coalmine situated on his land? Would that be the same Matt Ridley who has shares in a company which builds equipment for the highly contentious fracking industry? Well then, that was certainly a completely unbiased article in which we can all have confidence. How appropriate it is that the Ridley coat-of-arms features a bull with its tail conveniently raised; he must be tripping over the stuff all the time … as well as writing it. Jeez Ron, you certainly know how to saw through the branch upon which you are perched.


2 Responses to “Hmmm”

  1. Harry Hab Says:

    What is a “bevanite sociatist” (or whatever Ron claims to be) doing promulgating alt-right agitprop?

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      He is well-known to be ‘all over the place’ principles-wise: he basks in his civil-list pension and cousin-to-queen status and yet is anti-royalist by turns, he is against monoglot immigration to Mawr and yet has personally imported several non Welsh-speakers, he is rabid-Welsh and American by turns and he includes (in the title of his theory) the name of someone who supposedly got everything wrong. Is it not about time that he posted a new medical certificate?

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