The Contrived ‘Scientometrics’

The Filtered or Selected Scientometrics

May 14, 2017

These are too well known worldwide to need any further introduction from me. ”

Quite: everyone knows that they are meaningless ‘electronic noise’.

“They are overwhelming and objective proof of high quality and permanent, worldwide readership of ECE unified field theory. ”

What is the usual scientific reaction to evidence which is produced by only one person and cannot be independently verified? Yes, that’s correct: FRAUD

“In April 2017 these filtered scientometrics were being consulted 15,525 times a year, again by the best in the world. ”


“This is a far more accurate measure of impact than the primitive h factor or g factor. My conventional h factor is 42 at present, ”

According to Scopus your h-factor, over the period of your downward career spiral, has been unity; it would have been zero had not a crackpot paper somehow evaded the Scopus filters. 

“about 13,413 conventional citations, even though I no longer use conventional journals”

You could never get published in a real journal anymore. And if you were to publish in crackpot journals or viXra, you would not be ‘special’ any more; you would be just another nutter pullulating among all of the other nutters (some of whom are more prolific than you).

“having built a much more powerful open access website system. An h factor of about 45 is considered enough for membership of the U. S. National Academy of Sciences. It goes without saying that this is with the help of distinguished international colleagues. ”

‘Distinguished international colleagues’: handful of crackpot yes-men. The only thing which distinguishes them is their apparent ability to hang onto paid employment in any field other than ‘waste-management’.

“The filtered statistics have taken thirteen years to assemble on a daily basis and are unique. ”

Yep, uniquely meaningless cum fraudulent. Where is the hit-counter that we asked for? Even the Public Dick is more honest than you!

“No other scientist keeps such meticulous records. ”

No real scientist needs such a palpably masturbatory fantasy in order to keep his spirits up.

“These records are of key importance in order to give a rigorously objective historical measure of the reception to a new theory. It has been overwhelmingly positive. This is all digitally archived.”

They are of key importance in maintaining the daydream of an adequate chemist who insisted on becoming an inadequate mathematician and physicist and is now paying the price by being totally ignored by the scientific community. It is the stuff of tragic opera.



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