The Queen’s Appointed Liar

Vast Readership – Referring URLs Report: AIAS

May 14, 2017

Referring URLs Report: AIAS

This is a vast file which can nevertheless be posted easily on the blog and archived. It makes Hawking’s boast of nine thousand look like an atom in an electron microscope. The way to study this file is to select an item, e.g. a UFT paper or an Omnia Opera paper, and look at the meaningful referrals, ignore the junk coming in from random spamming. There is great interest in every single item across the entire span of my career, (forty six years of continuous research work) for which I was selected for a 2017 Marquis Life Achievement Award. Please always bear in mind that about half of scientific papers published in the old way are never read at all. So we can conclude that 4,500 members of Hawking’s imagined consensus are read by no one at all, which doesn’t surprise me. After a while, dogma sieved with refutation sinks out of sight. Hawking is an icon, not a Baconian scientist. On a personal level I have never met him and wish him well, particularly as he suffers from disability, but the truth must be written in order for progress to be made.”

It is a little-known fact that QE2 still has an official champion to take her place (presumably) in case of any fisticuffs or duel with the PM … or the atrocious Mr Corbyn. It is rather better known, but not all that well, that she also has an official liar on scientific matters, Dr Myron Wyn Evans. She does not in fact know that, because she thinks that he is just a pensioner. She would also not know it because she is not a physicist. Perhaps she does not even know that Evans considers himself to be her employee, nor that he has used Her Royal Treasury as his affiliation on a paper in which he ‘explained’ the perpetual-motion machine of an American crackpot. Central to his web of lies is the fiction that he has an enormous number of followers. His only proofs of this are the dubious figures which he manufactures himself: there are no other indicators. Nobody but himself and his few followers ever cite his great work. He writes ‘books’ which are given away online (contents-wise) and which he then tries to sell for real by paying vanity-publishers to print them.  Even then, the books receive only very negative reviews. He is proud of being listed in Marquis’ Who’s Who, a notorious vanity publication which any real scientist would pay good money to avoid. One is required to believe that there exists a vast ‘invisible college’ which, although being in the majority (according to our liar), is too scared to make itself known by building on Evans’ great discoveries in public. One presumes that they lurk in the halls of academe like Nazi fifth-columnists (or scientologists), just waiting to destroy the edifice from within.  


2 Responses to “The Queen’s Appointed Liar”

  1. IoanRichard Says:

    Surely HM Elizabeth 2nd needs to know this abuse of her patronage. If you want to phone Buckingham Palace here is the number:-
    From the UK 0207 930 4832
    From outside UK 0044 207 930 4832
    Ask for the “Honours’ Secretary” or “The Lady in Waiting’s Office”.

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      Or just e-mail the Honours Forfeiture Committee via You know, somebody once sent us Ron’s landline number. Note our restraint in not posting it on our blog.

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