“Original Manuscript Collection and Medals

Everyone thinks that the proper place for the paper and medal collection is the National Library of Wales, so a conference should be arranged there at some time to discuss the transfer. (Gareth Evans, Kerry Pendergast and myself and any others interested). In view of the fact that they have attracted twenty two million hits since 2002 they are already historic and valuable. James Joyce was also a Civil List Pensioner, and his original manuscripts in the National Library of Ireland are worth tens of millions of euro’s. The Book of Kells in Trinity College Dublin is insured for about fifty to seventy million euro’s. I have seen it when I was Visiting Academic there. I have approached Hugh Owen Library in my Alma Mater, UCW Aberystwyth, Ystradgynlais Library (one of the seats of my ancestor Prince Bleddyn ap Maenarch Brycheiniog) and Powys Archives. It appears that they do not have enough space, and I was told that I have nothing to do with Powys, although my ancestor was the Prince of Brycheiniog. So bureaucracy can be as difficult and stupid as ever, making off the cuff decisions without knowing anything about the subject matter. The medals are being kept in a strong room because they could be valued commensurately with the Nobel Prize medals. I have been told that I have been nominated several times for a Nobel Prize. There is no reason to disbelieve this. The Collection should remain in Wales, but if no Library in Wales can house it, (which would be very surprising and disappointing), I am also negotiating with the Bodleian Library Oxford as sometime Junior Research Fellow of Wolfson College, Oxford. The papers of my ancestor John Aubrey are in the Bodleian. He was a friend and advisor of Robert Hooke, whose papers are valued currently at a million pounds. I would very much prefer that the Collection remain in Wales, I am the first Welsh speaker ever appointed a Civil List Pensioner. Ireland is starting to value Civil List Pensioner Sir William Rowan Hamilton in various ways, after neglecting him for about one hundred and fifty years. I am very glad the NLW decided to accept a collection of paintings and so on from Sir Kyffin Williams. I saw some of his originals when I was Warden of Neuadd Santes Fair in Bangor, influenced by Vincent van Gogh. They are great works of art by Kyffin Williams. I can also approach the West Glamorgan Archives in Swansea, although I am an Aberystwyth man, Aberystwyth’s only Civil List Pensioner. The digital archives are secure, a secure place is now needed for the original manuscripts. The medals are held in a strong room just outside of Wales, in Shropshire (Ancient Powys). If anyone can suggest a suitable library inside Wales, I would be interested to hear from them. It must be secure, and safe from the threat of closure. Many small libraries in Wales are being closed by mindless philistines, the tory government in London, and their books “thrown out” or kept as best as they can by volunteers. One can recognize political barbarism imposed on Wales, civilization is much more difficult to build, in Wales we built it ourselves, so must conserve it and value it ourselves, because no one else will.”

Hmmm, a ‘strong room just outside of Wales’. Would that be, by any chance, the strongroom belonging to Mullocks the auctioneers? Could it be, by any chance, that they are holding onto the medals until you pay the penalty fee for a failed sale?


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