The Delusion Deepens

Those Who Declined a Knighthood

May 17, 2017

There are many of these, including Paul Dirac and Augustus John, although both accepted Order of Merit. George Bernard Shaw declined an Order of Merit because as a socialist he believed that merit can only be judged in the very long term. He also wished to decline a Nobel Prize, but his wife persuaded him that it was an honour for Ireland. Michael Foot declined a life peerage, something which I admire in a Bevanite socialist. Oliver Cromwell declined to be King. Many feel that a title such as knighthood can be used politically. A Civil List Pension is not a title, it is an appointment by the Head of State and Parliament on the advice of the Prime Minister. If I were offered a knighthood I would almost certainly decline it as a U. S. dual citizen”

Rather than dreaming about receiving all of these honours as part of your obviously masturbatory fantasy, why not follow the lead of your friend Turner-Thomas and simply adopt them anyway? You have a head start on other loonies: your friends, Bearden and Valone, had to buy their doctorates from degree-mills. You, at least, have a real doctorate or two … even if you belie them on a daily basis. Turner-Thomas has awarded himself a commission in the SAS; the regiment has been informed … so how come he is still breathing? He has awarded himself a George Cross and a Victoria Cross and a knighthood.  As for a Nobel prize, why not give yourself two? The man-in-the-street is not going to notice. Would anybody really notice or care if you awarded yourself a knighthood? Oh, hang on, American citizens are not allowed to hold honours awarded by other countries … at least, not until after Trump receives the Order of Lenin.


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