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FOR POSTING: UFT377 Parts One and Two and Background Notes

May 18, 2017

This paper is one of the most original of the UFT series because it shows that the same ECE2 lagrangian can produce both forward and retrograde planar orbital precessions, whereas EGR can produce only forward precessions. Retrograde precession is claimed to have been observed astronomically in the S2 star orbiting the centre of the MIlky Way. The paper also gives a complete solution for the kappa vector of ECE2 theory defined in UFT318.”

There is an old scientific dictum which says that, “a theory which explains everything, explains nothing”. A prime example of this apparently paradoxical statement would be the old equant theory for describing orbits. If an incompetent astronomer, using a defective telescope, had ever reported seeing a perfectly square orbit (with mathematically sharp corners), the equant method could have ‘explained’ it without missing a beat. All of Ron’s work has been like that, mere glorified curve-fitting; literally ‘fitting only where the data touch’. This is why he is so keen on orbital motions, but has nothing to say about tides. A real theory would be all-encompassing … and predictive. Ron also breaks the golden rule against double-counting. That is, he will often ‘confirm’ his theoretical predictions by using the same data which he used to construct the theory. Tsk tsk. He even manages to ‘explain’ the non-existent levitation of spinning-tops a la Laithwaite and the retrograde precession which he thinks has been observed (after apparently misreading scientific papers) in a distant star system. He also seems to have forgotten that he had previously used a different theory to ‘explain’ the supposed anti-gravity behaviour of the Levitron. Give it up, Ron, you are not suited to science. Philosophy-wise you are more, cant than Kant. 



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