Too Much Aether-Sniffing

Aether Engineering from UFT377

May 17, 2017

This is exactly what I was thinking about, to try to get the astronomically observed precession by modifying the components of the kappa vector, which incorporates the spin connection. In addition there are available the equations of fluid dynamics, so as you have shown, essentially any orbit can be produced. This starts to go well beyond EGR (refuted eight three times at least in the UFT series). The field equations used in UFT377 are the gravitational Coulomb law of ECE2 and the gravitational Faraday law of induction of ECE2 in the gravitostatic limit in which there is no gravitomagnetic field.”

Back in the real world, General Relativity has passed every experimental test. Anomalies such as the flat rotation curves of galaxies are not a disproof; merely something to be explained. Another anomaly, the unexplained slowing-down of an early space-probe has now been traced to a very mundane cause … after getting the lunatic fringe very  excited for years. Meanwhile, every schoolboy knows that two classic experiments (Michelson-Morley, Trouton-Noble), and all of their subsequent replications,  failed to detect any aether.  Trouton was no saint, by the way: he had pound-signs obscuring his vision when he set up the experiment. He thought that his apparatus would function as a sort of aether-wind turbine and thus earn him a pretty penny.


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