Another Spinning-Top Casualty

Two Simple Gyroscope Experiments

May 19, 2017

I could certainly work on the theory, usisng teh ECE2 field equations of gravitation and electromagnetism, and Horst Eckardt can apply computer algebra. This experiment is well worth trying, and recently we have developed gyroscope theory in some UFT papers.”

The request is for experiment, Ron, not more crackpot theory. Even Einstein thought, for a while, that spinning-tops should fall more slowly. You don’t do experiments, Ron, and – if you did – they would be contrived so as to get the result that you wanted. Your new nutter friend does not seem to know the full dismal history of spinning-top weighing experiments, nor about all of the things that can produce a false positive (i.e. antigravity) result nor about all of the patent applications for spinning-top antigravity machines. And why is the word, quantum, tacked onto the whole thing?  That is just a buzzword for the modern snake-oil salesman. But do please go ahead and ‘explain’ the predicted phenomena … it all helps to make you look scientifically incompetent, if further proof were needed.


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