Ron Undermines His Own Fan-Base

FOR POSTING: Section 3 of Paper 377

May 19, 2017

This is one of the most important sections of the entire UFT series, showing that any kind of precession can be described by ECE2 relativity, forward and retrograde.”

Everything can be explained by ECE, even the human soul (according to No-Bubbles Jackson), if it is the result that you want.

“The retrograde precession observed in S2, can be explained by spin connection or aether engineering. ”

Where exactly does it say that retrograde precession has been observed?

“There are no infinities in this kind of general relativity, no big bang and no black holes. ECE2 is by now the preferred theory of general relativity for most intellectuals, a large percentage of whom work outside the ultra dogmatic and obsolete ivory towers,”

Ah, there it is, the admission that your followers are all in the lunatic fringe but, if that is the case, why do they not write openly about your ‘great work’ in all of the loony journals? No ivory tower. No ivory-tower salary (as if!) to lose.

“and a large number work in the progressive universities. ”

Are those the ‘universities’ which sell degrees, on the grounds of ‘whole-life attainment’, to ‘independent investigators’?

This is also a major advance in mathematics, for the first time it has been inferred that the same ECE2 lagrangian can give forward or retrograde precessons. Congratulations to Co author Dr. Horst Eckardt, and enjoy the trip!”

… if you like falling flat on your face.


One Response to “Ron Undermines His Own Fan-Base”

  1. IoanRichard Says:

    Dr Myron Evans of 50, Rhyddwen Rd., Craigcefnparc, Swansea, has publicly posted the items below on his internet Blog Site. He has odd delusions of being the “Squire of Mawr” and “Lord of Gower”. He has regularly defamed his neighbour former Mawr County Councillor Ioan Richard (myself) with malicious public web postings. Now he has below directed his sick bile on to the Swansea Council :-
    Allegations of Misconduct against Swansea Councillors
    May 19, 2017
    There are three times more complaints to the Ombudsman against Swansea Councillors than any other Council. The Council Leader Phillips was forced to reign in 2012 over allegations of misconduct. Essentially none are elected with a majority of those entitled to vote. I made several complaints against a Councillor who has now retired, not before time. No one knows that he has retired. The Ombudsman seriously considered two of these complaints. The Councils indulge in forced development in small Welsh speaking villages by completely ignoring objections. The objection procedure is a grim farce. I have found that its Welsh language policy is a sham. On more than one occasion I tried to speak Welsh to an operator but was told that no staff could speak Welsh, only the operator. The Councils turned coat on the wind turbine development amid allegations of bribery. As Armiger I keep fighting wind turbines every day and take no notice of the Councils or A. M. ‘s. To a native Welsh speaker of Mawr, the Councils are irrelevant, frequently hostile. The Ombudsman does not consider complaints in any depth, its staff cannot speak Welsh and many are not from Wales at all, and it does not consider evidence even when given to it. It is a long standing joke that the Councillors should move across the road, meaning they should take up residence in Swansea prison, a grim, grey / black structure overlooking the old Vetch field in Swansea. Sometimes when watching Swansea Town at the Vetch with my late father, I could see the prisoners looking through the bars of their windows. I never had any liking for Swansea, Mawr is completely different and is totally misgoverned by Swansea. The Civil Centre is like a blackening concrete bunker, the Councillors sometimes stand outside it in wigs or toupees, so they all look like Donald Trump. Posted in asott2
    Reports of Swansea Council facing Bankruptcy
    May 19, 2017
    These appeared as early as 2010, and since then it has been chopping everything. It continues to spend lavishly in the centre of Swansea, but nothing in Mawr, not even double yellow lines, no wardens. Llandaff Cathedral is facing bankruptcy, and the National Library of Wales almost became insolvent a few months ago. Swansea County Council and City Council was at one time notorious for corruption, lavish claims for expenses, lavish salaries, no government.
    My comments:-
    He had better be careful not to defame the former County Council Leader. Also he should be extremely cautious before throwing in the word “bribery” about the local Wind Turbine issue – an issue in which he has done absolutely nothing zero zilch to support the village community to save their Common Land here with his fantasy comments. All of his serial complaints against his local County Councillor (myself) were thrown out by the Wales Ombudsman in record quick time. Of course everyone knows I have recently retired due to my age at 73 years and not for any malicious reason he invents. Maybe he should ask himself why he retired from real Science at a very early age. It may be that it was not an early retirement, but a career change to pursue pseudo-science instead. He claims falsely that Swansea Council has done “nothing in Mawr”, which again is very untrue. If he looked out of his front window he would see work in progress, being done by Swansea Council, in bringing the Rhyddwen Road Council Houses up to 21st Century Housing Standards at £20,000 each house installing new kitchens and bathrooms and energy efficiency systems. This is opposite his own cottage (oops – quack University). If his eyesight is that bad he should go to see an optician. The Council has a legally sound Welsh Language Policy which is more than can be said for his Duck Pond Group i.e. Quack University’s non-existent Welsh Language Policy. It is sad to see such utter nonsense being published by a “Civil List Member” and it brings ridicule on the Palace Honours’ system. Where and when will it all end?

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