Two Peas in a Pod

Implementation of Energy from Spacetime (ES) Power Stations and LENR

May 20, 2017

ES is by far the best way to generate electricity, and LENR by far the best way of generating heat. The technology is already available. These power stations should be combined with tidal hydro. If not, humankind faces extinction within one hundred years according to some scientists. Hawking’s suggestion to look for another planet is ridiculous. Humankind has not even colonized the moon, much to the latter’s relief. The bigots can no longer afford the luxury of a load of old dogma. It looks as if Donald Trump has chopped the entire U. S. program on climate research, so will soon be chopped himself by impeachment. He has done more damage than Nixon in a few months and has already obstructed justice.”

You really cannot see that you are the pseudoscientific equivalent of Trump? You cannot see that your daily lying blog-posts are the same as his Twitter disinformation and gaffes? You cannot see that his dismissal of facts as being ‘fake news’ is the same as your calling carefully accumulated experimental data and proven theory mere ‘dogma’? You cannot see that you are just as great an affront to what Wales stands for, as he is to what the USA stands for? ‘Energy from spacetime’ is a lie. LENR is a scam. Tidal power is real, but damning the Bristol Channel would be an ecological disaster and would do far more harm to birds than wind-turbines supposedly do. Tidal lagoons are real, but they do not require high tides (surface area is more important) and Swansea Bay is (thus) not the best place to put one. As for your suggestion of putting turbines in dykes and letting the North Sea flood the Netherlands … are you insane? Time to show that letter again … or do you have a newer one? 


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