A Further Descent

Quantum Gravity Team

May 21, 2017

Siegfried Wolfram Gayling von Altheim,

Dear Siggi,

Thank you very much for this invitation, which we gladly accept. The international AIAS and UPITEC could cooperate with your group in Switzerland, and combine expertise. Your project looks to be an adaptation of the gyorscope problems addressed recently in the UFT series, so the gravitational and electrodynamic field equations of ECE2 could be used in combination. From 1990 to 1991 I worked with Prof. Dr. Georges Wagniere, Dekan or Dean in the University of Zuerich.”

So you have linked up with yet another group of nutters; through what further mire are you going to drag the Civil List accolade? Did you know that a link to AIAS has already been added to their wordpress page? How is that going to play with the remaining members of your ‘staff’ who try to cling onto academic respectability? No-Bubbles Jackson must be pleased; their site links to articles on Nazi antigravity aircraft. You know, the ones that he said that Cartan and Einstein had helped with (theory-wise) when No-Bubbles was interviewed on ‘Rancid’ Rense’s internet radio programme. When you were interviewed on the same programme a week or so later, you did not deny anything that No-Bubbles had said. You should tell your employer, QE2, about those aircraft. Hmmm, perhaps she already knows about them. Who knows what her dodgy Nazi-friendly uncle might have told her about Adi’s plans and planes.


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