Since When?

Available Counter Gravitational Devices ( and

May 22, 2017

Fully agreed, the Osamu Ide circuit is explained precisely in UFT311 on daphne. Counter gravitational ECE2 theory is developed in UFT319 for example. Currently, Horst and I are working on forward and retrograde precessions from ECE2 force and field equations. There are about 377 UFT papers and books available and counter gravitational devices are available on and, Alex Hill’s group in Mexico. This has recently signed a venture agreement with a U. S. company. So counter gravitational devices are already available, they need to be developed in Switzerland,perhaps under licence. Similarly for the Osamu Ide circuits. Do you have any place in mind in Switzerland? It is well known that I have encountered hostility of a personal nature because of my views, from fringe elements of the standard model, but that has had no effect on the development of ES, LENR and counter gravitation around the world.”

It is true that Hill-of-Beans has now considerably expanded and refined the lies told on the et3m site. He claims that power [sic] can be multiplied a million-fold by using a solid-state circuit which is the size of a fingernail. He has thought up better excuses for not naming the companies which supposedly buy his fingernails, and for why his circuits cannot power themselves. He still claims that hydroelectric dams, tidal barrages … and even the counterweights on lifts … ‘extract energy from gravity’. But nowhere can we find any sign of the antigravity machines which Ron now claims that et3m is selling. Oh, and Ron’s latest potboiler is available there. Switzerland is certainly a ‘land of contrasts’, as the tourist brochures say. It is the home of the WHO, and yet there are worthless homoeopathic pharmacies everywhere. It hosts the UN, with its human rights obsessions, and yet Swiss women did not get the vote until 1971 (yes, not 1871). The Swiss are keen on horse-riding and dressage, and yet there are butchers everywhere there which sell horse-meat for human consumption. The country looks modern but, if one ventures out into the fields, one finds eerie pagan altars, straight out of The Golden Bougth, set up on many farms (just recall that very odd ceremony at the recent opening of the new tunnel). And of course Switzerland hosts not only CERN (which Ron calls fraudulent) but also the sort of conference at which Ron’s friends, Searl (street-level conman) and Vigier (‘who should have worked with Einstein’), could mix on equal terms. Hey, Ron, if you can ever overcome your agoraphobia, would you care to meet one of us at the Reichenbach Falls … and experiment with gravity?

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