The Don and Ron Show

Counter Gravitational Experiments

May 24, 2017

Welcome back to Dr Horst Eckardt. Agreed with these remarks, in general AIAS / UPITEC exercises caution when dealing with experimental data, because we do not want to apply theory to artifact. In Laithwaite’s case his experiment has been replicated two or three times. The work by Horst and myself is probably the most advanced explanation available of Laithwaite’s work, checked with computer algebra at every stage. There is a great deal of international interest in this work. It is essentially already taught at universities using our distance teaching methods at all the best universities around the world. Laithwaite had terrible trouble with the dogmatic establishment of his day, but in the end NASA gave him a contract and his work was replicated. We have proven dogmatists wrong literally hundreds of times. The ECE2 gravitational field equations and electrodynamical field equations have teh same structure, so there is great scope for research on how one type of field affects the other.”

Ron’s ability to lie with breathtaking ease is trumped only by you-know-who. Just look at the expert manner in which Ron confuses the layman by referring to Laithwaite in such a way that it is unclear whether he means Laithwaite’s lies about spinning-tops or Laithwaite’s johnny-come-lately work on linear induction motors (invented by Wheatstone) and magnetic levitation (first adumbrated, and beautifully modelled, by James Clerk Maxwell himself). Note the concealed lie, “in the end NASA gave him a contract and his work was replicated”. This might lead the gullible to think that NASA supplied him with spinning-tops, and he made them levitate. No, the contract was for something completely different: a sort of Maglev railway, set up at a steep angle, which was supposed to launch payloads into space without needing a rocket. Needless to say this was, like all of Laithwaite’s ideas, stolen from somebody else: in this case from the Russian schoolteacher, Tsiolkovski (Arthur C.Clarke also stole ideas from him, when he wasn’t stealing them from Hermann Potocnik, the true inventor of geostationary satellite communication). On the subject of Ron’s new friends, he should be careful what he criticizes now. The Goede company is heavily involved in solar energy, which Ron frequently derides. It is also linked to the sale of commemorative gold medals, and has a nice set of Trump coins on sale right now. However, sectors of the company have been accused of selling overpriced products and of misleading buyers as to their true monetary value. Recall that Ron has been critical of the Telesio-Galilee medals. Still, keep up this loony collaboration, Ron; it all helps to push you beyond scientific redemption.

Oh, that ‘electrical engineer’ [sic] who, say your new friends, will be conducting parallel experiments – would he be, by any chance, local crank Eberhard Zentgraf?


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