Is Ron secretly working here?

(click on ‘Professors’). Is this a degree-mill? Just look at the university’s tag-line: “Superior State University, a non profit university for a beter [sic] world”; not that superior, eh?  Or is this just an amazing coincidence? That would not necessarily deter Ron from exploiting it.

Some readers may be baffled by the letters after Ron’s name on the above site. They look, at first sight, as though they might be architectural qualifications. They are in fact fake ‘alphabet soups’ which are handed out by the American Biographical Institute and the International Biographical Association (Cambridge). These are low-life vanity-publishing scams which almost make Marquis look reputable. In fact, the list of faculty at SSE shows a great deal of overlap with this list:

Isn’t that strange?


4 Responses to “Moonlighting?”

  1. IoanRichard Says:

    Five minutes on GOOGLE reveals all:-
    FABI is either a brand of Italian Shoes or a Forestry Institute in South Africa. Please tell us which one Ron ! Please show us your shoes next time you are up a tree Ron.
    FIBA is explained as some organisation that will give you some pseudo listing of false importance. That says it all Ron !
    PROFESSOR – this is the big joke. We know you are not a Professor Emeritus of any reputable UK University, so how do you keep using that Professor title Ron ? Have you ever been any sort or form of Professor in the UK definition of the title ?
    Ron we know you read this BLOG, but never directly answer, and you never allow comments on your science fiction Blog, so can CRACKPOTWATCH please explain if I am correct above.
    It is no legal offence to style yourself with any bogus title, just as TURNER THOMAS disgracefully parades his bogus Victoria Cross, but it becomes an offence to use a bogus title for financial gain. Does the SSUEDU pay you Ron to use your bogus titles to scam student enrolment?
    Maybe CRACKPOTWATCH could comment and explain this to the wider web readers for encouraging further readers comments.

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      We have mentioned several times that Turner-Thomas was careful not to use bogus titles while organizing that folk festival from which money went missing. That dodgy ‘university’ may simply have stolen the names from the IBA; that is common practice in the fields of ‘predatory journals’ and ‘degree mills’: rats feeding on rats.

  2. IoanRichard Says:

    Does Ron somehow fit into all this murky scenario, or is he just innocent and grossly mega deluded?

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