Two-Faced … SNAFU

379(1): Counter Gravitation and the Faraday Cage Gyroscope Experiment

May 30, 2017

This is the first note of the three hundred and seventy ninth paper of ECE and ECE2 theories (Einstein Cartan Evans unified field theory). These papers and books have been prepared since March 2003. This note derives field potential relations (17) and (18) for the electric field strength E and the acceleration due to gravity g. The ECE wave equations for electromagnetism (Eq. (24)) and gravitation (Eq. (41)) are used to define the electromagnetic and gravitational scalar potentials in terms of the scalar curvature R of the ECE wave equations in in Eqs. (34) and (54) respectively. The electromagnetic and gravitational Euler Bernoulli equations are derived from the respective ECE wave equations, and are given by Eqs. (39) and (45) respectively. At the well known Euler Bernoulli resonance the electromagnetic and gravitational scalar potentials can become infinite. This is the key point for counter gravitational apparatus design. Since all forms of energy are interconvertible, an oscillating electromagnetic driving force can be used to produce an infinite gravitational potential.”

Leaving aside the fact that there is absolutely no reputable experimental evidence for ‘counter-gravitation’, and that there is barely a clue (pace the Lense-Thirring effect … which still obeys Newton’s third law) as to how it might be achieved, this is all self-contradictory  … as usual. Who is it who is frequently making statements like this?

  “Bacon’s axiom in a nutshell was that theory must be tested against experimental data that can be agreed upon in different laboratories. So infinities do not reside in the light of natural philosophy. The gymnastics of QED and QCD are devised in the dark recesses of the human psyche to remove inconvenient flaws in theory – these flaws are infinities.”

Oh, that would be Ron – way back in 2010. A logician might well deduce that you, Ron,  are not a ‘Baconian scientist’ nor a ‘natural philosopher’. Gee, who knew? Let us just remind newcomers to our blog that ‘Ron’ is Dr [sic] Myron Evans,  an anti-Einstein crackpot (are not they all) who endorses perpetual-motion and antigravity (and quack cancer-cures) but who is destined to appear for ever on the list of Civil List Scientists … together with such luminaries as Faraday, Herschel, Heaviside … Help us to head off this tragedy by complaining to the relevant UK government departments and royal societies.  There is already an online petition. 



2 Responses to “Two-Faced … SNAFU”

  1. Frank Brown Says:

    I noticed that Ron did not comment on the day last week when solar generated a quarter of the country’s energy. When going through his daily energy posts, I noticed that he uses a snapshot reading from first thing in the morning rather than an average over a period of time.

    Other than posting a reading from just before sunrise, Ron is intentionally choosing the time of day when solar and wind are at their lowest.

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      Did you really expect academic levels of honesty? After all, this is someone who also claims that a 10mph wind is really only a 1mph wind (if a turbine’s cut-in speed is 9mph). Dishonest, stupid or insane …

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