Yet More Pants on Fire

It is well known that Don and Ron lie about facts and data with equal alacrity. The critical difference is that Ron is supposed to be a scientist, to whom such things are sacred, and Don is just a glorified estate agent (realtor); a breed which is traditionally only slightly less despised than used-car salesmen. Anyway, as one of our correspondents pointed out, Ron deliberately chooses his moment to sample energy data at Gridwatch so as to put wind and solar in the worst possible light. He does not sample solar at night, so perhaps a little shred of decency still clings to him. Please find below a spreadsheet of wind and solar energy output for this month. Those skilled in the use of spreadsheets would be able to add extra columns which showed wind+solar and (wind+solar)/demand. Unfortunately, spreadsheets are not supported by WordPress and so we have had to upload a pdf instead. This annoyingly obscures the date-stamps, which run from 22.30 on the 1st May 2017 in five-minute intervals. Those who are sufficiently curious will be able to obtain their own spreadsheet from the gridwatch site:

Mentally add the data, and one sees that the total is far from ‘zero to negligible’, as Ron claims. Whichever way you go, the ‘Civil List Scientist’ is yet again revealed to be a despicable liar; nothing more than a spin-doctor. Over to you, York.


May Gridwatch


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