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Meeting of Minds

June 30, 2017

Visit by Dr. Stephen Bannister, University of Utah, Department of Economics

June 29, 2017

This is very kind of Kerry Pendergast, I know that part of Merthyr Tydfil from the Heads of the Valleys Road. Steep down and steep up again.”

Will Mrs Ron be taking part in these meetings? After all, she is more qualified to converse with the Dismal Scientist than you are; what with her being a fellow economist,


Duty of Care

June 30, 2017

Many thanks to Kerry Pendergast

June 30, 2017

Many thanks to Kerry Pendergast for meeting the industrial economist Steve Bannister of the University of Utah at Abergavenny railway station and bringing him back on the Heads of the Valleys road. This runs straight through Merthyr Tydfil where Kerry went to Grammar School. Craig y Nos Castle Hotel’s website is well designed and is getting over 9,000 page views a month (attached). It is situated about twenty miles from Swansea. A Waterfront Hotel is most convenient for the Trevithick engine. I can meet Steve on the Friday. We are currently at a record high monthly interest in the ECE2 papers and books.”

The Dismal Scientist may like to know that Penderghastly is planning to drive him along one of the most dangerous roads in Wales.

We hope that Penderghastly is not one of those drivers who, like movie stars, feel that they have to look at their shotgun passenger while talking to him. Here is what to expect (small but representative sample):


Time to Catch Up

June 30, 2017

Many thanks to Kerry Pendergast

June 30, 2017

Many thanks to Kerry Pendergast for meeting the industrial economist Steve Bannister of the University of Utah at Abergavenny railway station and bringing him back on the Heads of the Valleys road. This runs straight through Merthyr Tydfil where Kerry went to Grammar School. Craig y Nos Castle Hotel’s website is well designed and is getting over 9,000 page views a month (attached). It is situated about twenty miles from Swansea. A Waterfront Hotel is most convenient for the Trevithick engine. I can meet Steve on the Friday. We are currently at a record high monthly interest in the ECE2 papers and books.”

Now, before the Dismal Scientist turns up, you really should make an effort to read his doctoral thesis. You see, you are listed as a member of the Dissertation Approval Committee … but you do not appear to have read it! You continually claim that it says one thing e.g.,

Osamu Ide and Horst Eckardt should be invited to give lecture demonstrations to the RSC and RS. As AIAS Fellow Steve Bannister (Dept. of Economics, University of Utah) points out in his Thesis  …  it will bring in a second industrial revolution because it is an inexhaustible source of clean energy. [open letter to the President of the RSC, 11th February]

but it actually says another,

The work identifies two energy revolutions explaining the EIR. The first, converting from wood to coal for industrial and domestic heating purposes, probably happened  several times in history at other places in addition* to England. In addition* to this first–phase energy revolution in England, Chapter 2 documents an added noteworthy instance, that of the iron and steel industry in Sung China (960–1126 CE). The second  revolution, converting from muscle power to steam power, happened first in England before engulfing the world. [Thesis abstract]

His thesis says absolutely nothing about perpetual-motion machines; he would still be Mr Bannister if it had! This dichotomy means that you are either too incompetent to have been a rightful and valid member of the committee or you are intellectually dishonest. One might almost call that persistent dilemma for the onlooker your defining feature. We, by the way, are in no doubt.

*hmmm … clumsy

AIAS Defunct

June 28, 2017

Checking Note 380(4)

June 28, 2017

Right, agreed, this will be fixed in the final paper as usual. Our system of checking, graphics and computer algebra is also first class, and the entire theory is based on irrefutable Cartan geometry. Our papers have been refereed and checked hundreds of thousands of times by a vast and permanent readership coming from the best universities, institutes, corporations, military facilities and similar in the world. Our scientometrics are uniquely accurate and detailed.”

This is not news, it has always been true; it is just that every passing day makes it ever more obvious. Even we would ignore it if it were not for the fact that Ron has received an undeserved accolade and will forever pollute the list of great British scientists if he is not removed. Ron is a crackpot pure-and-simple, and all of the remaining AIAS fellows are crackpots: those who still had a scientific reputation to protect have quietly defected over the years. Our apologies to any reputable scientists who have simply forgotten that they are on Ron’s ‘staff list’. Ron himself proves, on a daily basis, that his theories are nonsense by using them to ‘confirm’ the existence of phenomena which do not in fact exist. Among these phenomena are the supposed net energy production by simple electrical circuits (Ideotic, Hill-of-Beans, MEG), supposed antigravity (Laithwaite, Biefeld-Brown) and retrograde precession. Computer-checking cannot detect defective theory, especially if the person doing the checking has himself a vested interest in supporting the drivel. All of these obsessions (perpetual-motion, antigravity, anti-Einsteinism) place Ron & Co. firmly in the lunatic fringe. Everything else is pure fantasy and deception. There is no proof of any interest from real scientists: there is never any direct communication from them, no other sign of their interest, and the ‘scientometrics’ are clearly bogus. The web-traffic monitoring site which Ron now uses for support is known to generate unrealistic results. Meanwhile, Ron’s publications are panned by every reviewer other than his creature, Penderghastly.  We call on Ron to ask that he be removed from the list of Civil List Scientists (he can keep the monetary part). Let him jump before he is pushed.  

Potential Fraud Warning

June 26, 2017


Here’s a Curious Thing or Two

June 23, 2017

Page Views per Month for

June 23, 2017

Overall Activity Report: AIAS

These are the scientometrics for page views per month for using WebLog 2.53 feedback software. The same method has been used for fifteen years so there is an excellent and very accurate record. The page views per month for are added to this to give an average for 2016 of 75,264 page views per month.”

According to Ron’s favorite monitoring site, statshow, “ is not currently ranked anywhere. was launched at January 25, 2010 and is 7 years and 151 days. It reaches roughly 30 users and delivers about 30 page views each month. Its estimated monthly revenue is $0.00. We estimate the value of to be around $10.00”  Is that not curious, given that upitec is essentially a mirror-site for both aias and Ron’s blog? What does WebLog say about upitec, Ron? And look how craftily he combines the page-views for the two sites in order to conceal this strange disparity. It is rather like the old conundrum given to beginning statistics students: ‘a tramp jumps into a billionaire’s Rolls Royce. Not counting the chauffeur, is there now an average of two multi-millionaires in the car?’ Ron certainly wants to give that impression. Here is another curious thing. Statshow also says that Ron’s blog has been running for over 17 years. Where is the rest of it?

Dylan Expert

June 22, 2017

Comparison with the Dylan Thomas Centre

June 22, 2017

On the Dylan Thomas Centre website is getting 10,950 page views a month compared with 75,264 for our very own AIAS / UPITEC, based in Swansea’s North Pole, Craig Cefn Parc. Dylan Marlais Thomas is advertized now as Swansea’s most famous son, but in his own lifetime he was dirt poor and regarded as a waster by the bone headed, of which there are many around here. He is certainly Swansea’s most famous son, science in Wales always takes second place to literature.”

Learn more about Dylan from local Swansea celebrity, historian and poet:



A Cunning Plan

June 22, 2017

We know that various individuals have sent complaints about Ron to the Royal Society of Chemistry, to the Honours Forfeiture Committee and to other relevant bodies and officials. The problem is that bureaucracy can easily ignore an isolated ‘disgruntled of hicktown’. Meanwhile, petitions tend to fizzle out, or are blocked by the very person who is complained about. Even a successful petition with many signatures might be easily ‘mislaid’ … being a single communication. So the plan is this: at some date in the future, we shall provide a handy checklist of all of Ron’s misdeeds. At a second date, every suitably motivated person will simultaneously send a letter to one or all of the relevant bodies (foreign readers should allow for postal delays). Try as he might, no bureaucrat could hide such a pile of snail-mail, especially if the media got to hear of it.  Distasteful advertisements and TV programmes have been banned because of a relatively small number of simultaneous complaints; hence our stratagem. Any readers who would be inclined to take part in such a ‘writing exercise’ are invited to signal such intent on our latest poll. 

Poll News

June 22, 2017

Attentive readers will have noticed that our other polls have been moved from 2014, where they were languishing, to permanent display. Do not worry if you voted back in 2014, and found that repeat votes were blocked: to celebrate the move, we have temporarily removed the block on previous voters … for one time only. We do not believe in the Irish advice to “vote early, vote often!”

Damn Fine Bagels

June 22, 2017

Edits for my Lifetime Achievement Site

June 22, 2017

Fred Marks, Editor in Chief, notified me that the website is

I edited the entry and submitted it about a week ago, so the edits may be in your files. I sent it using the “submit” facility. If at all possible, it is best to reproduce the attached CV in the above site. The attached CV may also be used to update my Marquis entry next time round. I can electronically update my Marquis entry as usual. I am most grateful for this signal honour and the award is proudly displayed in our library here.”

Needless to say, this is yet another vanity scam. It is run by Randy Narod. His ‘thing’ (wink wink) is night-club ownership. Oh, and he also owns bagel shops. He is perhaps not the best person to document academic qualifications, given that he paid someone to take examinations in his place. For that he was barred from practising his chosen profession.  Like Ron, he is an FoT (friend of Trump). Ron is linked to Trump by climate-change denying. Narod is linked to Trump by an educational scam in which they participated,

 In his CV, Ron has of course included almost all of the usual lies, such as the one that he is an Honorary Fellow of Lancaster University.  He openly admits his links to perpetual-motion cranks. That would bar him from inclusion in genuine biographies but, of course, it does not matter here. Again missing from his CV are all of his entries in the books from the International Biographical Centre. Perhaps he is able to spot at least some of the many vanity scams out there. Note that it is possible to contact Ron via the first link above. Be sure to congratulate him. By the way, Ron, was it your idea to have a spinning-top next to your entry, or is that Randy’s concept of ‘science’. In either case, what irony!


Nota Bene Ron

June 21, 2017

It is 02.32BST, and our hit-counter has just rolled-over to the nice round figure of 126,000. Why don’t you, and any other interested party, write that number down somewhere. Then, before your usual morning regime of lie-telling commences, why not check our hit-counter again. It will not have changed much in 3 (early-morning) hours, but one can be sure that it will have changed more than your rotten monitoring-service tells you. And if the service is wrong about that, just imagine how many other things it might be wrong about. 

Biefeld-Brown Bollocks

June 21, 2017

Biefeld Brown Effect

June 21, 2017

Good idea, combining the field equations should produce a lot of new ideas. Thanks for going through the notes. It will be very interesting to see whether equations such as (34) and (35) produce precession from the spin connection. The combination of field equations and the numerical integration method is very powerful.”

Here Ron goes again, ‘explaining’ something which does not even exist. The Biefeld-Brown effect is one of the big ‘set pieces’ in the lunatic fringe. It is essentially just a misinterpreted Faraday-Wind effect. Brown was not even the first to kid himself that he had discovered an electrical influence upon gravity. An Irish-Dutch inventor had previously put an electrical gadget on a weighing machine, turned  it on and reported that the balance-reading had decreased. Being an incompetent experimenter, he declared that the gadget had lost weight. This was one of the classic errors that Bacon had warned about (not considering alternative explanations): it had not lost weight, there was simply an ion-wind directed downwards. Incidentally, this inventor (whom our author-friend has asked us not to name) had attended the same Bristol school as Grindell Matthews (previous crackpot-in-residence at Craigcefnparc). Even nowadays, the present incarnation of that school employs a professor who believes in the Viv Pope theory that gravity does not exist. That same professor runs a unit which is charged with ‘bringing science to the man-in-the-street’.  Brown was the less usual sort of scam-artist; the sort who tries to ‘sell a bill of goods’ to a government: Garabed Giragossian had tried that, and almost succeeded because US senators did not understand the difference between power and energy. Grindell Matthews tried to con £25000 (at 1920 prices) out of the UK government by faking ‘death-ray’ demonstrations. However, the Office of Naval Research looked at Brown’s work … and dismissed it (we of course have a copy of that report). In order to make himself look more respectable, Brown latched-on to Biefeld (deceased 74 years ago to the day) – a respected astronomer who was 38 years his senior – and who was already exhibiting early signs of dementia. There is no proof that Biefeld actively contributed to this apparent collaboration. But Biefeld had known Einstein as a student in Europe, and lunatic-fringers love to be able to link themselves to Einstein even while denigrating his work (eh Ron?).  But even the worst can be useful, in that anybody who mentions Brown (or Tesla, or Searl, or Laithwaite or …) in anything less than scathing terms marks himself out as being one sandwich short of a picnic. 


G o o d M o r n i n g R o n !

June 20, 2017

It is currently 02.45BST here. So, before you start your usual round of lying – which habitually begins at about 05.30BST –  we would just like to point out that, in the past 7 days, our blog has received 671 hits. If you were a competent mathematician, you would have been able to work that out for yourself by using our hit-counter. We cannot locate your blog’s hit-counter … where is it?  

(Sort of) Craigcefnparc News

June 19, 2017

Now Ron is even being ‘ticked off’ by his ‘ticked-off’ friends,

Dear Mr. Myron Evans,
It seems to me that, by association, the Quantum Antigravity Hypothesis is now on the Crackpot Watch blog :
The Quantum Antigravity Hypothesisis is no pseudoscience, because it is based on both, established accepted theories and physical effects, and also makes empirically testable predictions that we are presently in the process of experimental testing :
Pardon me, but just because we communicate within this closed private email group, it does not follow that anybody in this group, including you, has any right to freely announce any correspondence from this group to the entire World, like you have been doing via your blog, without ever asking for any permission.
Effective immediately, I ask you to stop posting any of my, or Siggi’s, correspondence on your blog, nor to disseminate any of it to any third parties under no condition.
Also, please remove both, my and Siggi’s email addresses from all your mailing lists.
Thank you.
Dr. Agatha Lorentz-Ferenstein, Ph.D.
 You know, Aggie, Evans is a serial offender in this regard: just have a look at this,
Nevertheless, the weighing of spinning-tops is pure pseudoscience; ask a physicist about it, rather than an electrical engineer.

Now, Now

June 18, 2017

Harassing Site Returns Zero Traffic for Six Days Running

June 18, 2017

This troll site is well known to AIAS / UPITEC staff and to the police. There has been no interest in it at all for eighteen years (, it is an optimistic stalactite among the idols of the deepest cave. There is also no international interest at all in the local hicks who have posted a lot of illegal and infantile abuse on the site.”

You are overwrought, and are now just making yourself look (even more) silly by repeating these obvious lies. Go and lie down until you feel better.

Novelty Gift

June 17, 2017

Do you have a physicist relative/colleague whom you don’t like?  Here is just the present for him, at the new throwaway price!

Puzzled? When we first posted this, the price had just been reduced from £50 to £15. The price has now returned to £50. Did Ron complain?

Some Clarification?

June 17, 2017

Usage Statistics for – June 2017 – URL

June 17, 2017″

But what on Earth do those figures mean? Look at the current numbers below (taken from the very top of the listing). Why are 21% of visitors looking for images, why are 32% looking for the backslash character? Why indeed is that character so fascinating that it accounts for 192MB of download? Do the results actually mean anything at all? 

5972      21.05%     13339   0.35%  Images
108        0.38%     26605   0.69%  Logs

9108      32.10%    192890   5.02%  /
969        3.42%       563   0.01%  /robots.txt
512        1.80%       264   0.01%  /favicon.ico


The Cuckoo in Ron’s Nest

June 17, 2017

Contribution by Stephen Crothers

June 17, 2017

I am sure that this will be another excellent contribution from the well known scholar and critic of dogma, Stephen Crothers. It looks as if the obsolete methods of publication make money out of millions of unread papers. They also charge a huge amount to get a reprint from a library. In the enlightened sixties, all this was free. This makes a sausage machine out of scholarship. There is no sincerity at all in that type of system, the capitalist system.”

You do realize, don’t you Ron, that the Public Dick is not really on your side? He is not pathetically attacking the unassailable General Theory of Relativity in order to ‘make the world safe for ECE’, he is doing so in order to make it safe for ‘electric universe’ nuts; among them, your old AIAS colleague, Dunging-Davies. The electric-universe nuts believe that electrostatic forces are more important than gravity on the cosmological scale. One might well suspect that, as electrostatic attraction is some


times stronger than gravitational attraction. Unfortunately, electric charges can be positive or negative, and their fields are blocked by intervening objects … thus frustrating any large overall influence. Gravity comes in only one (attractive) form and cannot be shielded against. So, the apparent alliance between AIAS and the Public Dick is an uneasy one, rather like the Axis forces during WW2. If the Allies had lost, what would Hitler have done with the Emperor … or vice versa

Lie Detectors

June 17, 2017

FT Report 17/6/17 with

June 17, 2017

The FT harassment site is not being viewed by anyone at all for the fifth day of monitoring. ”

The actual figure was 497, as anybody could have checked by watching our hit-counter: which is now a detector of your lies … and of the worthlessness of that Indian monitoring site. The hit-counter is situated just above our new poll, which you have not yet voted on … or did you vote honestly? Where is your hit-counter located Ron?

“So in eighteen years it has not been viewed by anyone outside the asylum. ”

Above our hit-counter, which is above our polls, there is our archive … which dates back less than six years. Are you claiming that our pressure-group was set up long before there was anything to protest about in the way of a wrongly awarded honour? So our archive is another detector of your lies and another indicator of the inaccuracy of your monitoring service.  Do your colleagues never have a ‘quiet word’ with you about your blatant lies? Or does AIAS operate more along the lines of a religious cult? We look forward to the next comet. Will you gather them together in one place and show them the ECE-based ‘counter-bary’ machine which will take them to that comet. Of course, they will have to swallow their ‘energy-drinks’ first … it’s a long bourn. 

“The trolls are feeling very lonely, and want attention like infants. Spike Milligan sums this up as follows, in a variation of the tale of the officer’s kazzy (on youtube). Fawlty, you must go to Siberia immediately! At once Rip. Ron is a Russian spy, and generates page views from a frozen cabin deep in the Taiga, we must find out how he does it. Yes Rip. We must get to the bottom of this. There is no toilet paper and I already have Rip.”

Are you feeling entirely well, Ron?


Stirring Memories

June 15, 2017

FT Report 15/6/17

June 15, 2017

The FT site is completely defunct, it attracts no visits at all,”

Mathematicians can spot this lie for themselves by regularly checking our hit-counter (just above the polls). Where is Ron’s hit-counter?

“this conclusion is clear after only three days of monitoring with ”

Thus again proving that Ron’s favoured site-monitoring service is inaccurate.

“The site has been biling for eighteen years with no effect.”

The Wayback Machine immediately proves that that is a lie. Just ditto the above statement.

“The publisher of Cambridge International Science Publishing found that it had been banned in Tesco in 2012 and had been replaced by baked beans. ”

At the time, one of us immediately checked at his local Tesco branch. There was no problem. Riecansky, like Ron, is probably one of those people who needs to call on expert help in order to configure his internet connections properly. We wonder whether Ron even knows that CISP is no more: after being threatened with compulsory striking-off almost every year (for accounting offences), it recently struck itself off voluntarily. Riecansky, like Ron, is an FOT (Friend of Trump): they belong to a notorious denier organisation, as do all of the AIAS gang AND Jeremy Corbyn’s brother.

As for Tesco, since Ron brings it up, who can forget that the heir (a Dame of the realm no less) to the family fortune fled abroad to avoid a £40,000,000 fine for gerrymandering. It seems that she returned after using crafty financial tricks to reduce her £70,000,000 to £300,000. So, we would not take moral guidance from Tesco anyway.

“For eighteen years there has been no interest in the site at all. ”

Well, there wouldn’t have been would there? Given its state of non-existence for most of that period.

“A retired mayor of Swansea joined this hate blog and the effect is international revulsion. ”

Indeed it is! How do you feel, being the focus of such revulsion?

“The only reason why the general public is exposed to this illegal site is that WordPress refuses to remove it. ”

WP refuses to remove it because it offends only one person. Here is an analogy: just think of one of those cartoons of George IV … and we do not even have to exaggerate any features.

“Much tougher legislation is needed against hate blogs and people who join them. ”

What should be removed are the pseudoscientific sites which increasingly  impede scientific education.

“A summary by Spike Milligan: “I’ve got a complaint”, “What is it?” “Leprosy”.”

To those who are unfamiliar with ancient British comedy, Milligan was an Indo-Irish entertainer who suffered shell-shock during WW2, spent much of his life under medical supervision, once tried to murder Peter Sellers (player of Ron’s favourite character, Clouseau), publicly insulted Prince Charles and produced incomprehensible (or incredibly racist) ‘comedy’.  One was never sure whether one was ‘laughing with him, or at his mental illness’. The perfect comic-idiom for Ron. But don’t give up your day-job … oh, you haven’t had one for ages.


Craigcefnparc News #21

June 14, 2017

‘Open Letter’ from Ioan Richard

To Mr Evans (Bogus Mathematical Physicist), I have now had lengthy telephone conversations with people in very serious authority as to your abuse of your “Queen’s Civil List Pension” position. Have you declared it to the Benefits Agency? You may get asked a few awkward questions soon about abusing this pension such as your eccentric / delusionary statements – like you claiming to being :- “a member of the gentry” or “working for the Queen” or being “Squire of Mawr” and “Lord of Gower and Glyntawe” or you saying “It is roughly equivalent to the Order of Merit, or Companion of Honour.” or “belittling other recipients (e.g. Faraday) as being subservient to your position as him being a mere experimenter according to your genius”. I may soon consult Lawyers about your continuing defamation of my character on your science fiction blog. So far the advice given to me is “ignore this deluded nasty buffoon” (that is you Evans). Can you give proof of anything you say about me? Come on let us have any TRUE FACTS you can dig up and PROVE. Has your new MP replied to you yet? Please publish her reply.

Odious Comparisons

June 14, 2017

FOR POSTING: Comparison on of Institutes of Advanced Study

June 14, 2017

The following information is in page views a month

1) AIAS / UPITEC 75,264.
2) Princeton Institute for Advanced Study 103,740.
3) Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies 18,720.
4) Berlin Institute for Advanced Study 13,680.
5) Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities 257,340
6) IAS Nantes in Brittany 30.

These are all world leading institutes, so AIAS / UPTEC is a world leader, with a much smaller staff. Some similar institutes and organizations are as follows:

7) National Library of Wales 48,390.
8) Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa 183,720
9) Royal Society of London 166,320.”

Ron is clearly delighted that he has been able to find a site-monitoring service that gives him the sort of results that he wants. It remains to explain why other monitoring sites do not agree:

And in a spirit of glasnost, here are our visitor records,

Visitor numbers

and a list of where they went next; note that most of them went to Ron’s blog. 


Don’t mention it. Here are our visitors from yesterday, when nobody supposedly visited

13th June

Finally, observant visitors will have noted that there is a hit-counter on this blog. We see no counter on Ron’s blog or website.

Oh, and how is the birthday-boy’s site going?

Well, that’s not very good for ‘a leading scholar’, is it?


Dodgy Pensioner

June 12, 2017

My Civil List Pension

June 12, 2017

This £2,400 a year, having been incremented twice. It is paid by the Treasury in London, on behalf of Queen Elizabeth. The First Lord of the Treasury is also the Prime Minister. My P60 is from the Treasury. These days, one only needs to look up the internet to find out all about the Civil List Pension, paid out of the Civil List. It is roughly equivalent to Order of Merit, or Companion of Honour.”

It is supposed to be given to, “such persons only as have just claims on the royal  beneficence or who by their personal services to the Crown, or by the performance of duties to the public, or by their useful discoveries in science and attainments in literature and the arts“. What attainments of yours are those then? Crap poetry or physical theories that nobody believes or uses (unless they have a perpetual-motion or antigravity machine to support)? Where does it say that you can use the address of the Treasury to promote perpetual-motion machines? It is nothing like the Order-of-Merit, which is far far grander. We have to admit though that the OM goes to some strange people anyway. Would even you want to rub shoulders with James Dyson? The centrifugal vacuum-cleaner principle was already being described as ‘old hat’ in about 1904. How on Earth did Dyson parlay that into a knighthood, an Order-of-Merit … and a Fellowship of the Royal Society? Is the OM awarded for ‘services to money’ or did he offer a particularly good deal on vacuum-cleaners for Buck House?  

Ducks and Scholarship

June 12, 2017

Cancer Radiotherapy

June 12, 2017

In October 2013 I recorded on this blog that Glaxo had taken up cancer radiotherapy, as advised by Alex Hill. Having no medical qualifications I have never worked in the field, but was among the first to support the idea. As Alex Hill points out today, the field has become a giant industry.”

No. Cancer radiotherapy has been around since the discovery of radium. What Glaxo have developed is ‘electroceuticals’: direct electrical stimulation of tissue. What you illegally recommended (having no knowledge of oncology) was the crackpot ray-gun (so-called ‘Bordeaux Box’) of Antoine Prioré. As you said in 2013, some people cannot tell ‘ducks from scholarship’. And to whom were you offering cancer-curing advice (contrary to common law)? Why, it was Craddock, henchman of Bearden. You know, the person whose Motionless Electromagnetic Generator perpetual-motion machine you ‘explained’. Bearden, who thinks that the Yakuza control the weather. Bearden, who habitually carries a gun because he thinks that ‘men-in-black’ are plotting to kill him with futuristic weapons because of his ‘secret knowledge’.  They say that one can judge a man by the friends he keeps. Well, you have some real doozies … loony-wise. 

Guides for the Gyronuts

June 11, 2017


June 11, 2017

Many thanks! Do you have data that can be translated into a change in g? We can then apply ECE2 theory ( and which is a general relativity which includes torsion. The theory is based on Cartan geometry and refutes the Einsteinian general relativity in many ways, including Hawking’s Big Bang, and black hole theory. ECE and ECE2 have attracted twenty two million hits since 2003.”

Meanwhile, in the world of the sane:


June 11, 2017

“Awbrey Dominion and Decline” by Jon Anthony Aubrey (2007)

June 11, 2017

Many thanks for all this information, very interesting! In John Aubrey’s book “Brief Lives”, he mentions that it was Robert Hooke who discovered the inverse square law, and set a problem for the younger Isaac Newton. What force law produces an elliptical orbit? According to John Aubrey, and there is no reason to doubt it, Isaac Newton answered incorectly, a 1 / r law. Then Hooke gave him the solution and Isaac Newton went on from there to develop fluxions. This is why I name it the Hooke Newton inverse square law. John Aubrey was a friend of Robert Hooke at Oxford, and John Aubrey’s papers are in the Bodleian Library. He was a famous antiquarian as you know, and our ancestral cousin as attached.”

True scholars of physics know that Ismaël Boulliaud was the first person to adumbrate the inverse square law … in 1645, when Newton was a 3-year old and Hooke was 10. Boulliaud’s father had also observed Halley’s comet long before Halley was born. Perhaps Chauvin had a point.

Ron Tries His Hand at Fake News

June 11, 2017

Wind 19.98%, 3 – 28 mph, Wales 9 – 29 mph, 0733 local time

June 11, 2017

The wind speed in the Betws area is now 9 mph, so the effective wind speed is zero, because it takes 9 mph to start the derelict turbines. The Mynydd y Gwair turbines will be just as useless. So I hope that the new government will scrap all wind turbines. Solar is negligible at 4.26% and hydro is a joke at 0.45%. Work on tidal turbines, ES and LENR should begin as soon as possible, otherwise there will be regular power rationing and power cuts. There has been another nuclear accident, an explosion at Flamanville in France. Radioactive iodine 131 has already reached Svanhold in northern Norway, where a spike in radiation levels has been detected. The French tried to deny that there was a leakage of radiation.”

Trump is well-known for tweeting emotively about events which never actually happened, and now Ron is doing the same. The nuclear facility at Flamanville is behind schedule. One does not fuel-up a nuclear reactor until everything has been finished and safety-checked. So from where exactly would the leak come? The peak measured in Sweden has been attributed to secret Russian nuclear-weapon testing. Incidentally, the peak was detected by what the Americans called a ‘sniffer plane’. They really should not do that as an ‘avion renifleur’ was at the heart of a notorious pseudoscientific scam which was perpetrated on the Elf Aquitaine oil company many years ago. The scammers were an electrical engineer and a minor member of the European aristocracy. Hmmm.

PS: Recognition

June 10, 2017

One of us has just purchased a large picture-frame so that your hilarious pièces à conviction can be displayed.  Well, that is OK for his wall but, before anybody else sees them, perhaps you should severely ‘edit for content’. Like your blog, your accusations are a rich mixture of nonsense, cherry-picked out-of-context statements and palpable lies. Do not forget that you are making a declaration to which you might have to swear. So check every syllable, dot every ‘i’ and cross every ‘t’, lest you commit perjury.

Recognition at Last!

June 10, 2017

Draft Court Order Application

June 10, 2017

To the New Labour MP, Gower

The attached is a draft application for a Court Order which is planned to be served in a San Francisco Court on WordPress. It requests the removal of a hate blog, www.crackpotwatch. which has been harassing me for six years, using death threats and violent language which uses ethnic prejudice against the Welsh People and language, a hate crime. This is for your information and I request that you ask the police to shut down this blog and to warn Ioan Richard of 23 Mountain Road, Craig Cefn Parc, Swansea SA6 5RA, who has openly identified himself as being associated with serious felonies such as death threats and hate crime against the Welsh language. The Local Authority Ombudsman has indicated that if Richard and his local associates persist in harassing me on this blog, then it is a matter for the police. The Commissioner is fully aware of all the facts. Richard is a retired County Councillor and a former Mayor of Swansea, so this is a matter of grave public concern. I will also forward this to the FBI in San Francisco and to the San Francisco police department so seek a warrant for the removal of the blog. It has been banned or has suffered a penalty, around 2012, and perhaps many more times, but WordPress still refuses to remove it. There are many matters that I wish to raise with you, I discussed these with Elizabeth Evans some time ago, Labour candidate for Gower, notably the demoliition of wind turbines.”

You do realize, we hope, that all of these claims – if true –  would be damning evidence in your favour. However, given that they have no basis in fact, just like your pseudoscience, your comments are instead prima facie counts of defamation. A wise person, at this juncture, would be hurriedly deleting  his unfounded comments from his blog. What a pity then that you have archived your defaming comments (of Hawking, CERN, us) on two continents and that your friend, No-Bubbles Jackson, has helpfully provided downloads for us. Meanwhile, we shall compile a handy checklist of your many offences (e.g. vouching for a cancer-cure as an unqualified person, using a government address without permission, etc. etc.) … should anybody ask.

Ron v Democracy

June 10, 2017

Result of Genral Election

June 10, 2017

The tories have been asked by Queen Elizabeth to govern temporarily as a minority. They have only 318 seats, other parties have 332 seats. In Scotland SNP has a clear majority, and in Wales Labour has a clear majority: Labour 28, Plaid Cymru 4, tories 8. The tories have no right to govern and this is a constitutional crisis which can be resolved only by giving independence to Scotland and Wales. The UKIP fascists have been wiped out, and in Wales all parties other than the above have been wiped out. There is great unrest at tory rule. As Squire in Mawr I vehemently oppose tory rule of Welsh speaking Wales. As a Member of the Gentry and as a US dual citizen I remained a neutral observer.”

You really do not understand democracy, do you Ron? No more than you understand how real science is done (one confronts opposition with evidence in open debate rather than hiding away and claiming victory on the basis of lies and incorrect mathematics). It is self-evident that some group will always be unhappy with the result of an election. Still, that is better than the ‘primitive’ version of ‘democracy’ … where the winners get to exterminate the losers. Even in civilized times, governments really cannot allow your favoured idea of direct democracy. That does not work because, as the internet increasingly reveals to us, the majority of the population consists of vicious and stupid people (viz. Brexit). And so most civilized nations have adopted representational democracy. But even that has to be protected: a democracy might vote a dictator (or a moron) into power: that happened with Hitler, and has just happened again in Turkey. So a second protection is a ‘loyal opposition’ and a final protection is a written constitution: which the UK lacks, just as it lacks a secret ballot.  PS You are not the squire; where is the paperwork?

Read, and Inwardly Digest

June 9, 2017

“I will continue by finding other conditions for counter gravitation. It would be very interesting to compare the results with experimental data from counter gravitation experiments”

There are no counter-generation experiments! As in the case of telepathy investigations, every ‘successful’ experiment has been shown to be due to incompetence, misinterpretation … or FRAUD.

Looking in the Wrong Direction

June 9, 2017

Cartan Geometry is Unchanged

June 9, 2017

Cartan geometry is the same now as it was in 2003, so it has not been refuted by personal attacks such as those by Bruhn and Rodrigues. ”

The problem is not with Cartan’s mathematics; the problem is with your mistakes made in modifying it.

“Therefore ECE and ECE2 have not been refuted either. ”

Nobody knows about them, and your ‘success-proving’ statistics are entirely bogus. Everybody who matters has accepted the Bruhn, Rodriques and other refutations. As someone keeps saying, “one cannot argue with mathematics”.  

“Those attacks were personal attacks on myself, and not science at all. ”

You think?! You are an insult to previous recipients of the Civil List Pension and a menace to the public’s understanding of science. “You ain’t seen nuttin yet”!

“The Cartan geometry used now in ECE and ECE2 is the same exactly as that described in Carroll’s chapter three. It takes no knowledge of mathematics or science to see this. ”

But then, in his later chapters, you claim that he has gone wrong because his conclusions disagree with yours. Remind us, which of you two is the professional mathematician?

“Sean Carroll e mailed the late professor John B. Hart (one of my Civil List Pension referees) to say that ECE is a plausible theory. ”

Oooh, an e-mail! Did he actually put his reputation on the line by saying that in public? What does he say now? Would he even deign to reply to a crank?

“We have achived one of our major aims, the Osamu Ide circuit for energy from spacetime in UFT311, UFT321 and replicated in UFT364. ECE is the only theory that can explain this circuit.”

One of your major aims was to look stupid/crooked by vouching for a perpetual-motion machine? Ideotic uses classic scam techniques: he presents papers – at conferences  – which make no claims for energy-production; he there calls his results merely anomalous. He patents the circuit, but only as a routine electrical gadget. But then he claims everywhere else that the output is higher than the input. That is exactly the same pattern of behaviour followed by Norman Dean with his fatuous anti-gravity machine of the 1960s. Ideotic’s results are due to incompetent experimental technique, so are yours. A theory which ‘explains’ non-existent data is clearly wrong. Have you ever heard of a guy called Bacon?

“A SEMrush analysis shows that is among the most popular science sites in the world.”

Alexa, and many other website-monitoring services, strongly disagree.

Marquis Vox Populi

June 8, 2017

Nuff Sed

Geometry … Blah … Blah … Torsion

June 8, 2017

The Role of Torsion In Geometry

June 8, 2017

This is fundamental, as many papers of the UFT series show. The obsolete standard model tried to remove torsion by arbitrarily asserting a symmetric connection. If this is done, UFT99 and the various proofs based on that paper, show that the Einsteinian theory collapses entirely. There have been no objections to any of the proofs which show that this fact is irrefutable. If torsion is forced to zero, curvature also vanishes.”

Given that geometry is so important to physics, what a pity that there is not a journal devoted to that connection. Oh, hang on, there is:

The funny thing is, it does not mention you anywhere Ron (although there are 653 papers on ‘torsion’). Why don’t you contact the editors and explain who you are? Or should that be ‘what you are’? Twisted?



Ron Revealed to be Liar … Again

June 8, 2017

Wind 9.6%, 1 – 25 mph, Wales 10 – 25 mph, 0739 local time

June 8, 2017

The effective wind speed in the Betws area now is 5 mph, 14 mph mean wind speed minus 9 mph needed to start the turbines. Their optimal operational wind speed is a steady 20 – 40 mph, such wind speeds never occur in Wales or anywhere in the British Isles or Europe. So wind turbines are completely useless. It has been estimated that their net contribution to total demand (electricity plus fuel) is zero. Solar is 1.93% and hydro 0.7%, both completely negligible. I think that the Trade Union Movement all over Europe should strike permananetly against wind turbines until they are demolished. This would mean that no power could be taken form wind turbines, and none ed to them from the grid. I advocate this because democracy is being ignored. As Mynydd y Gwair is totally destroyed for no purpose, an angry and resentful 90% majority against them looks on in great contempt and seething anger.”

We pointed out recently that these ‘negligible’ sources of energy amounted to nearly 16% of demand during May. And now this:

Perhaps you should not cherry-pick data at 6am [sic] each morning. No comment, Ron? If you had not lost your moral compass, you would know which way the wind is blowing.

More (Gyro)Loonies than one Can Throw a Top At

June 8, 2017

Some of our readers may be wondering just how many gyroscope cranks are out there. Zero, really; because they all make the same mistake of calling a spinning-top a ‘gyroscope’. Most people have never handled a gyroscope! And certainly not those idiots. A good cross-section of the UK’s spinning-top levitation/propulsion crackpots can be found here:

Why don’t you join the discussion, Ron? If you are lucky, you may be able to have a direct exchange of views with the great Sandy Kidd. Which of you will think that the other is beneath his consideration? After all, Kidd is just a tool-fitter; albeit one who demanded a £50000pa salary from a university which was then paying new physics PhD-holders only £9000pa. And Kidd does not like airy-fairy ivory-tower types. He liked Laithwaite because he never made any proper measurements or theoretical calculations, and called physicists, “abominable no-men” Bertrand Russell would have appreciated the above site: his method of dealing with loonies was to keep them talking to each other, so that they left sensible people alone. Of course, that was before nutters started receiving undeserved awards.


As We Said …

June 7, 2017

PS Euler Bernoulli Resonance in ECE2 Gravitation

June 7, 2017

Various Euler Bernoulli resonance structures and driving forces can be worked in to the theory of the last note. The immediate task is to find a counter gravitational experiment that is well accepted to be reproducible and repeatable and to explain it with the spin connection and Q vectors. For example Q can be applied as an extra positive Z axis force in a gyro fixed horizontally to a retort stand. The gyro and retort stand are fixed on a balance, so this balance can measure any weight loss due to counter gravitation. The gyro’s point is fixed to the retort stand. A retort stand is a chemist’s language. I have seen many of them going into orbit when the solvent exploded. They sometimes hit the roof of the teaching lab and showered the entire class with glass. I put out a 1983 fire at the EDCL with solvent bottles exploding like shrapnel. No physicist would go near it. My supervisor Mansel Davies had most of his right hand blown off in one such explosion at Cambridge, so that his writing was modern art. Only his students could understand it. I have a few scars from cuts and explosions in the chem lab. but survived the EDCL fire.”

… only an idiot weighs a moving object on a chemical balance. Apart from vibrations, which can interact with the balance mechanism, counter-rotation of the pan can force its support away from the vertical and lead to further artefacts; Desaguliers pointed that out … in the 18th century! By the way, there is a type of balance which can avoid most of these problems … but given that all of these nutters are pig-ignorant about physics they will never have heard of it. Explosions eh, Ron? Sounds as if you were always incompetent, even as a chemist. And why did they immediately assume that you had started that EDCL fire? 

Close, but No Coconut

June 6, 2017

379(4): Simple Example of a Resonance Condition

June 6, 2017

In this simple first theory, if a mass m is held one metre above the surface of the earth there should be counter gravitation if an electromagnetic irradiation is used at 4.709 ten power eight radians per second. This is not observed experimentally, or seems not to have been observed, so this theory is too simple minded.”

It is one of the many tragedies of the lunatic fringe that crackpots are so obsessed with pursuing long-debunked ideas that they often miss novel phenomena that might lead somewhere. Crookes is the classic example. He was an amateur scientist who made some real money-making discoveries in chemistry. But he also believed in alchemy and the paranormal. ‘Everybody’ assumes that he set out to build his famous radiometer to demonstrate a physical phenomenon. Quite the opposite: he thought that it was a ghost-detector, and took it to seances. There is still a lot of nonsense written in textbooks about how it actually works: “driven like a windmill by the Sun’s rays?”. Nah, we can make one run backwards in sunlight.  Edison made the same mistake: he observed an interesting phenomenon, but ascribed it to the paranormal. Laithwaite rediscovered something interesting concerning rotations. No, not levitation; gyroscopic levitation is nonsense. That effect is now named after a contemporary physicist, even though it was common knowledge in the 19th-century and people back then claimed that Aristotle had first reported it (but we cannot find it in Aristotle). It was even rediscovered by the medical profession … and they have their own name for it. And now here is Ron, prattling about levitation by resonance. Being a bit (ha!) thick when it comes to physics, he does not know that it is routinely used in industry for moving things uphill. He does not know that a ‘poured chain’ can levitate out of a container (but, hey, that’s not a resonance effect). It is also possible to increase the diameter of an orbit by using resonance: i.e. to move a satellite further from the Earth without using rockets or Lorentz forces or solar sail. Many a schoolteacher will scoff at that claim, as it appears to contradict Newton’s third law. But then, many a schoolteacher should be sacked, given the parlous state of physics education.  A propos, have you ever seen this:

and that was many (educational) generations ago. Nothing has changed since then! This is why there is such a good fan base for the lunatic fringe.

Name, Age, Occupation

June 5, 2017

Taymar Experiments

June 5, 2017

The ECE2 field equations of gravitation include the gravitational Faraday law of induction studied by Martin Taymar. In one of the replications of the Laithwaite experiment, the replicator stood on a weighing scale, but the video did not say whether or not the replicator “lost weight”.”

We of course despise reporters as they are major sources of misinformation, especially when it comes to scientific matters. But at least they try to get the name right. Why don’t you try that Ron? His name is Tajmar. But now you are doomed to call him Taymar for ever, just as you have to keep writing ‘Monte’ Python. You cannot bear the thought that onlookers might think that you are responding to our criticisms. Or is it just that your eyes are wonky again?

Weighing Spinning Tops

June 5, 2017

Only cranks do this of course … or physicists who are debunking cranks. The entire concept of the weight-loss arose from the old lay questions of “why does a ‘sleeping top’ stay upright” and “what keeps up the free end of a precessing top”? One 19th century school-examination paper actually asked, “why is a spinning top lighter”? Imagine that: it actually asked ‘why’, as if it were a fact. Apart from the real fact, that there is nothing to find, there is the handy rule-of-thumb that ‘only an idiot weighs a moving object on a chemical balance’. The objection is that it is not only in quantum mechanics that measurement affects the system measured: it applies to all measurement! That is why electricians’ multimeters (if of any quality) boast of their low resistance for current measurement and high resistance for voltage measurement (can you work it out Ron). An important phenomenon in materials science was overlooked for decades because early tensile-testing machines were too ‘soft’. Ironically enough, it is the resonance (Euler-Bernoulli haha), that a vibrating object can induce in a simple balance, which can lead to a steady [sic] offset of the true reading. Laithwaite made that mistake,  and he was not the first idiot to do so. To get accurate results for a vibrating object, the rule is that data must be sampled at at least twice the frequency of the highest component of the vibration. This rule also applies to electrical measurements, otherwise the output of a simple circuit can seem greater than the input (go Ideotic). It is odd that all of these loonies have forgotten the most notorious top-weighing experiment: that of Hayasaka and Takeuchi. It was reported in a reputable journal in 1989, but should not have been, given that they openly admitted that they were testing the crackpot theory of a Russian loony: one who claimed that ‘gyroscopes’ should be shaken as vigorously as possible while weighing them! Anyway, the H-T experiment was ‘shot down in flames’: ‘everybody’ rushed to replicate their results … and could not do so of course. So why are Ron’s new pals so keen on using inferior weighing equipment to detect something that could not be found by weighing-experts using the excellent equipment at Sevres (the home of ‘Big K’)?