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FOR POSTING: Scientometrics May 2002 to May 2017

June 2, 2017

This is the fifteenth anniversary of these famous scientometrics, detailed computerized feedback data for and This is the most meticulous record ever made of a new paradigm shift in natural philosophy, sweeping away the bad parts of the standard model – the post Einsteinian paradigm shift. ”

You consider the Public Dick (Crothers) to be the world’s ‘leading relativity scholar’. So how come his ‘scientometrics’ indicate that visits to, and views of, his website barely attain one per day? If he is such a minority figure, why do you want to be associated with him at all? No, what you are measuring is little more than electronic noise. Why can you not be as honest as that Australian nutter and use a proper monitoring method? Have you read the notes that come with the software that you use? They state clearly that one cannot use it to get accurate data on ‘time spent on site’ etc.; something which you report every day.

“For example there are eighty three refutations of the Einsteinian general relativity (EGR), refutations of electroweak theory, Higgs boson theory, Heisenberg indeterminacy, the massless photon, quantum electrodynamics, quantum chromodynamics, Maxwell Heaviside field theory, nuclear strong and weak field theory and very much else. So the standard model is thoroughly obsolete. Physics has been unified by geometry. ”

But they are all based upon your demonstrably incorrect mathematics. All that you have ever done in science is mere ‘curve-fitting’. That is fine if the underlying theory is well-established. If it is not, one simply ends up with a mess that is amenable only to simulation and graphing (go Siemens Stain) and yields no overarching equation. 

“All of these refutations have been accepted by a vast readership, without genuine criticism, by the overwhelming majority of the colleagues worldwide, and the work has been recognized by several British State honours and academic nominations for the major prizes: the Nobel Prize, Wolf Prize, Milner award, and so on, over fifty nominations in total. ”

There are no (further) refutations because you have fallen below the radar of science; you are a crank crying out in the wilderness. Anybody who is apparently respectable can apply for a coat-of-arms; that does not make it a scientific accolade. The award of a Civil List Pension was a mistake which will eventually be rectified. All of the other ‘nominations’ are meaningless: crackpots are always bothering the Nobel Prize Committee with doomed nominations. Question: why would you even want an award that is in the gift of conventional science … which you despise. Is that not in the same league as creeps like Bearden buying fake doctorates so that they can look like members of the conventional world of science … the same world that they denigrate.

“A new and highly efficient open access system of education and research publication has been established, so we teach simultaneously in all the world’s best universities, institutes and similar. ”

Haha, as if any reputable academic establishment would pay you any attention. If anyone academic really does look at your site, it is only to laugh. Talking of research publication, what happened to your own journal? Oh yes, it failed dismally. In fact, that episode also apparently alienated the publisher. How is Riecansky these days? Still being threatened annually by Companies House?

“The energy problem has been solved using energy from spacetime and low energy nuclear reactors, now understood theoretically using ECE and ECE2. ”

Incompetent electrical engineering, and a scam perpetrated by a convicted criminal, can be explained by ECE? Gee, that is a really versatile theory. Perhaps it even explains the human soul. Oops, we forgot, No-Bubbles Jackson has already covered that.

“It is a matter of implementing the technology. We are currently working on counter gravitation. ”

Oh yes, that old cry. Cranks always need just that little bit more money in order to build their perpetual-motion, antigravity or cancer-curing ray-gun prototype. You should set up a company to handle the development. Oops, you tried that years ago. That enterprise failed as well. Tell us, Ron, wherein exactly resides your ‘success’: we see only abject failure at every turn.

“The vast readership of ECE and ECE2 has generated over twenty two million hits in these fifteen years. It is made up of about 2% in universities, institutes and similar and 98% in other walks of life. This great paradigm shift will permanently change physics, the scientometrics show an intense and sustained interest over fifteen years.”

This is where we came in: there is no vast readership. If there is, we challenge it to change the results of our ongoing poll: just have your fans boost the ‘other’ option. Given that the current voters number in the hundreds, your thousands of followers could reverse the overwhelmingly negative results ‘overnight’. Paradigm-shift?



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