Real Antigravity

379(2): A Simple Resonant Counter Gravitational Device and Graviton Mass

June 2, 2017

This note uses simple Euler Bernoulli resonance to show that the resonance condition (21) produces an infinitely positive gravitational potential, Eq. (22), so this overcomes the negative gravitational potential of the earth, producing counter gravitation at resonance.”

Many decades ago, an imaginative mainstream physicist named Robert Forward described, in a reputable journal,  a ‘feasible’ antigravity machine. It was based upon the Lense-Thirring effect (which is real) and consisted of a pipe wound around a torus. When a suitable fluid was pumped through the pipe, the device would undoubtedly levitate (but not fly). But here’s the rub: the only suitable fluid was liquid osmium-alloy. OK, we can melt that very dense high melting-point material … but it had to be pumped at thousands of mph. Oops.  Oh that pesky c^2 term!


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