Brilliant Idea!

Some General Legal Commentary

June 3, 2017

Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996, introduced by the United States Congress, needs to be repealed or amended to allow carriers to be prosecuted for criminal offences that their blogs may carry and to be sued for punitive damages for torts. At present the carrier is immune, and threats can be made at will by violent minded people who hide behind anonymity.”

Yes, repeal that section and go after all of those who impede physics education, and thus indirectly harm a nation’s economy, by posting pseudoscientific claims online. For a start, Youtube should be fined every time that it shows a (John Roy Robert) Searl-related video. Any blogger who mentions energy-from-spacetime or LENR in a supportive fashion should be prosecuted. An amateur first-aider who accidentally makes worse an injured person in the street is free from censure. A trained medic who does the same thing can be prosecuted. The same principle should apply online: the more highly qualified the person spreading pernicious lies about physics, the greater should be the penalty. Yeah, we’ll vote for that! Oh, and Rancid Rense could be silenced immediately: you should hear the human scum that take part in his programmes. Perhaps you have …


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