Don’t Hold Your Breath

Visit by Dr. Steve Bannister

June 4, 2017

Dr. Steve Bannister,
AIAS Feellow,
Department of Economics,
University of Utah,
U. S. A.,

Hello Steve,
You are of course very welcome here, and we should take the opportunity of organizing an AIAS Meeting at about the same time in Craig y Nos Castle Hotel. Lecture demonstrations can be held at the Patti Theatre. This would be a good place for you to stay, it is a three star hotel. I would like to see the Osamu Ide circuit in action, and would like to see the experiments by Gareth Evans and Trevor Morris. It may also be possible to arrange pulsed LENR demonstrations by Doug Lindstrom in the Patti Theatre where we made the film. There might be a flight from Manchester to Cardiff, and also a rail link from Manchester to Swansea. This time we could make sure that you see the Trevithick engine. By that time counter gravitational devices might be working. The Osamu Ide circuit is patented and replicated as you know.”

Well, for a start, what a depressing address. Does he actually want to admit publicly to being a member of your crackpot gang? That should make anyone ‘feel low’ LOL.  Does not the Patti location hold bad memories for you? That is where you received your TGA gold medal, whose quality you now denigrate. What does ‘seeing the Ideotic circuit in action’ mean? Is it going to sit there, driving itself, while you wait for the battery to run down? How would Lindy get the LENR equipment past border-control? Most designs look suspiciously like a pipe-bomb. Will Sewage’s poor-quality laser work properly there? We know that it is of poor quality because he complained about it on Amazon. Is Mrs Ron going to make moron-cake again (moron is Welsh for carrot, folks)? Or is that a sore point? What is it about Craigcefnparc that drives your women away? A thought occurs: given the current climate, would it be wise for all of those holding the keys to free-energy and antigravity to gather in the same place at the same time? Who will be the designated survivor? That illiterate janitor perhaps?


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