Name, Age, Occupation

Taymar Experiments

June 5, 2017

The ECE2 field equations of gravitation include the gravitational Faraday law of induction studied by Martin Taymar. In one of the replications of the Laithwaite experiment, the replicator stood on a weighing scale, but the video did not say whether or not the replicator “lost weight”.”

We of course despise reporters as they are major sources of misinformation, especially when it comes to scientific matters. But at least they try to get the name right. Why don’t you try that Ron? His name is Tajmar. But now you are doomed to call him Taymar for ever, just as you have to keep writing ‘Monte’ Python. You cannot bear the thought that onlookers might think that you are responding to our criticisms. Or is it just that your eyes are wonky again?


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