Weighing Spinning Tops

Only cranks do this of course … or physicists who are debunking cranks. The entire concept of the weight-loss arose from the old lay questions of “why does a ‘sleeping top’ stay upright” and “what keeps up the free end of a precessing top”? One 19th century school-examination paper actually asked, “why is a spinning top lighter”? Imagine that: it actually asked ‘why’, as if it were a fact. Apart from the real fact, that there is nothing to find, there is the handy rule-of-thumb that ‘only an idiot weighs a moving object on a chemical balance’. The objection is that it is not only in quantum mechanics that measurement affects the system measured: it applies to all measurement! That is why electricians’ multimeters (if of any quality) boast of their low resistance for current measurement and high resistance for voltage measurement (can you work it out Ron). An important phenomenon in materials science was overlooked for decades because early tensile-testing machines were too ‘soft’. Ironically enough, it is the resonance (Euler-Bernoulli haha), that a vibrating object can induce in a simple balance, which can lead to a steady [sic] offset of the true reading. Laithwaite made that mistake,  and he was not the first idiot to do so. To get accurate results for a vibrating object, the rule is that data must be sampled at at least twice the frequency of the highest component of the vibration. This rule also applies to electrical measurements, otherwise the output of a simple circuit can seem greater than the input (go Ideotic). It is odd that all of these loonies have forgotten the most notorious top-weighing experiment: that of Hayasaka and Takeuchi. It was reported in a reputable journal in 1989, but should not have been, given that they openly admitted that they were testing the crackpot theory of a Russian loony: one who claimed that ‘gyroscopes’ should be shaken as vigorously as possible while weighing them! Anyway, the H-T experiment was ‘shot down in flames’: ‘everybody’ rushed to replicate their results … and could not do so of course. So why are Ron’s new pals so keen on using inferior weighing equipment to detect something that could not be found by weighing-experts using the excellent equipment at Sevres (the home of ‘Big K’)?


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