As We Said …

PS Euler Bernoulli Resonance in ECE2 Gravitation

June 7, 2017

Various Euler Bernoulli resonance structures and driving forces can be worked in to the theory of the last note. The immediate task is to find a counter gravitational experiment that is well accepted to be reproducible and repeatable and to explain it with the spin connection and Q vectors. For example Q can be applied as an extra positive Z axis force in a gyro fixed horizontally to a retort stand. The gyro and retort stand are fixed on a balance, so this balance can measure any weight loss due to counter gravitation. The gyro’s point is fixed to the retort stand. A retort stand is a chemist’s language. I have seen many of them going into orbit when the solvent exploded. They sometimes hit the roof of the teaching lab and showered the entire class with glass. I put out a 1983 fire at the EDCL with solvent bottles exploding like shrapnel. No physicist would go near it. My supervisor Mansel Davies had most of his right hand blown off in one such explosion at Cambridge, so that his writing was modern art. Only his students could understand it. I have a few scars from cuts and explosions in the chem lab. but survived the EDCL fire.”

… only an idiot weighs a moving object on a chemical balance. Apart from vibrations, which can interact with the balance mechanism, counter-rotation of the pan can force its support away from the vertical and lead to further artefacts; Desaguliers pointed that out … in the 18th century! By the way, there is a type of balance which can avoid most of these problems … but given that all of these nutters are pig-ignorant about physics they will never have heard of it. Explosions eh, Ron? Sounds as if you were always incompetent, even as a chemist. And why did they immediately assume that you had started that EDCL fire? 


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