Geometry … Blah … Blah … Torsion

The Role of Torsion In Geometry

June 8, 2017

This is fundamental, as many papers of the UFT series show. The obsolete standard model tried to remove torsion by arbitrarily asserting a symmetric connection. If this is done, UFT99 and the various proofs based on that paper, show that the Einsteinian theory collapses entirely. There have been no objections to any of the proofs which show that this fact is irrefutable. If torsion is forced to zero, curvature also vanishes.”

Given that geometry is so important to physics, what a pity that there is not a journal devoted to that connection. Oh, hang on, there is:

The funny thing is, it does not mention you anywhere Ron (although there are 653 papers on ‘torsion’). Why don’t you contact the editors and explain who you are? Or should that be ‘what you are’? Twisted?




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