More (Gyro)Loonies than one Can Throw a Top At

Some of our readers may be wondering just how many gyroscope cranks are out there. Zero, really; because they all make the same mistake of calling a spinning-top a ‘gyroscope’. Most people have never handled a gyroscope! And certainly not those idiots. A good cross-section of the UK’s spinning-top levitation/propulsion crackpots can be found here:

Why don’t you join the discussion, Ron? If you are lucky, you may be able to have a direct exchange of views with the great Sandy Kidd. Which of you will think that the other is beneath his consideration? After all, Kidd is just a tool-fitter; albeit one who demanded a £50000pa salary from a university which was then paying new physics PhD-holders only £9000pa. And Kidd does not like airy-fairy ivory-tower types. He liked Laithwaite because he never made any proper measurements or theoretical calculations, and called physicists, “abominable no-men” Bertrand Russell would have appreciated the above site: his method of dealing with loonies was to keep them talking to each other, so that they left sensible people alone. Of course, that was before nutters started receiving undeserved awards.



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